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    • There She Goes
      By kinglouisxx · Posted
      Hi, @Nicca . The show wasn't originally on our schedule, but you sweet talked me with David Tennant. I'll try to catch up ASAP.
    • The Gymkhana Files
      By Dudeville · Posted
      Requesting English subs for The Gymkhana Files, please. 
    • There She Goes
      By Nicca · Posted
      Hi! Is there any chance to find the subtitles for "There she goes", the comedy with David Tennant, released in October by BBC? It would be great! Many thanks for all your work. Nicca
    • Ozzy & Jack's World Detour Season 3
      By Darth Niemand · Posted
      One more attempt.
    • People Just Do Nothing, Series 5
      By maystevens · Posted
      Last Monday a new and final series of People Just Do Nothing has started on BBC3. I hope someone can upload the subtitles as has been done in all previous series. Thank you very much!!!!
    • Still Open All Hours Season 5
      By MangJD · Posted
      Wonderful! Thank you, @​BorisVictor!
    • Dragon Ball movies English dubtitles (subtitles of the English version)
      By Englishsubtitles · Posted
      English subtitles of the English audio version (i.e., dubtitles) of the following chapters of the Dragon Ball movies series, most of which can be found in the site fmovies or the subreddit  r/MEGAlink/ ) Curse of the Blood Rubies Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle Mystical Adventure The World's Strongest The Tree of Might The Path to Power Dragon Ball GT A Hero's Legacy Bardock, The Father Of Goku ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0x6XEXqZyLk  ) Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans Episode of Bardock ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MrnJM4UvIdI&t=1s) The history of Trunks (the whole script can be found here http://www.angelfire.com/ultra/saiyansfusion/thotscripts.html ) This is my whole desiderata for the DB movies series; if I'm breaking any rules, please let me know, it'd be not my intention. Thanks in advance.
    • Still Open All Hours Season 5
      By crooked65 · Posted
      I did, thanks very very much for the effort; great!
    • == Café Addic7ed ==
      By Apocalypse25 · Posted
      ST Hymeros récupérés, je vais reprendre la série ce week-end. Merci à toi.
    • Made In Britain (ITV) English
      By MangJD · Posted
      Thank you!
    • Subs for Sabrina: The Animated Series
      By chamallow · Posted
      Hi, it won't be from us sorry.
    • Subs for Jonas Season 1
      By chamallow · Posted
      Hi, it won't be from us sorry.