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    • Hello from Spain
      By CioCioFly · Posted
      Hi everybody. I'm a new member and I just wanted to introduce myself. I'll try to help as much as I can, even if it's just correcting little things in Spanish, grammar, ortography. (my English is good enough for understand but many things I just catch them by context, so I don't think I'd be able to make a really good translation)... Anyway, I know maybe this is not the place to ask, but could someone tell me where do I have to read to see how exactly can I collaborate? Thanks so much to all the people who makes this possible, is a great, great job what you do!! CioCioFly.-
    • Girlfriends
      By pietro99 · Posted
      Thanks for previous subs. Now requesting raw episode 3 subs. Thank you very much.
    • The Man from Earth Sequel ‘Pirated’ on The Pirate Bay – By Its Creators
      By bird · Posted
      Waw, that's cool... Thanks for the link BorisVictor, and thanks for the subs and translations!
    • Antes De Traduzir, Verifique Qual A Versão - Hi Ou Sem-Hi - Que Está A Traduzir.
      By camell85 · Posted
      boas a todos. Esse é o meu primeiro post no forum. Estava lendo sobre as legendas HI. Existem programas de edição de legendas que eliminam todas as legendas HI então não existiria nenhuma dificuldade de lidar com elas. Eu uso muito o programa Subtitle Edit para sincronizar as legendas e ele tem esse recurso. Também é possível traduzir as legendas para diversos idiomas inclusive as legendas para deficientes auditivos. Claro que depois de feita a tradução será necessário fazer uma revisão para corrigir a tradução automática
    • The Man from Earth Sequel ‘Pirated’ on The Pirate Bay – By Its Creators
      By flydu · Posted
      And many thanks to @Benaddicted  and @BabyBird  for the French subtitles ! And to all the others here:  http://www.addic7ed.com/movie/131289
    • BBC subtitle site now gone?
      By chamallow · Posted
      Well, that's a sad news. I'm grabbing the archive though, for rainy days!
    • The Man from Earth Sequel ‘Pirated’ on The Pirate Bay – By Its Creators
      By BorisVictor · Posted
      Full interview here: CLICK
    • Currently viewing - Recently viewed.
      By Vultural · Posted
      Resurrection - 2005 - 5/10
      AKA - Revenge // 부 활 Poky K-drama of twin brothers and revenge.
      Without giving much away plotwise, one brother is murdered and the other takes his place.
      Their personalities differ, as do their taste in clothes, food allergies, outlooks ...
      Does anyone around them notice?  Aside from puzzled expressions, no.
      So we have a drama packed with dense heads you want to yell at.
      Moreover, at 24 padded episodes, this series went on way too long.
      Seriously, you could skip the first four episodes altogether, since E05 gives a full recap.
      Every episode has a couple of five minute music montages as a character moons about unhappily.
      The tempo perks up in the last four episodes - - if one has not quit viewing - - although the plot loses steam.
      Koreans offer more vengeance driven shows than others, and they always incorporate the consequences.
      Little of the gloating merriment easily witnessed elsewhere.  Here, even villains have innocent families.
    • Recruitment!
      By chamallow · Posted
      Hi  @Leeliths check this section please:  http://www.sub-talk.net/forum/48-french/
    • BBC subtitle site now gone?
      By maystevens · Posted
      This is what it says:   Due to the BBC constantly modifying their stuff at their end, I've lost the will to fix every single time.
      So listing won't be updated (new subs) after 2017-12-26, end of my subcription to the DNS proxy. Site cost was around 30€ a year: 15€ for the DNS proxy (allowing me to get the subs while not in the UK) and 15€ for hosting fees, thanks to a great friend hosting for cheap, all this for a site that I don't even use.

      As stated below, it will be broken again on the 1st of may 2018 anyway, and while fixing something again this year, I saw that the BBC will soon require to have a valid UK TV licence to log in and get data, hence it is just a matter of time till everything brakes.
      It was fun, I learned some python and web stuff doing it. Still not a web designer though :). I will provide a link to all the archives once it is not working anymore (around 3GB of subs). Only to connected users.
    • BBC subtitle site now gone?
      By maystevens · Posted
      Unfortunatelly it seems it's closed again, but it seems that this time is permanent even though you can still open the site, but no downloads.   
    • Striking Out Season 2
      By amilamia · Posted
      Hi there! Could someone upload English subtitles for this episode: Striking Out S02e01, please? Many thanks in advance