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  1. alex28 added a post in a topic: Hey guys :)   

    Welcome to the community Rose! Hope you'll enjoy your stay here! 
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  2. alex28 added a post in a topic: Topics missing after the troubles.   

    Unfortunately, I had to restore an older backup, since the database was corrupted. (so some threads are missing, sorry!! )
    I found a cached version of the thread in Google. 
    You can restart the thread if you want. 

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  3. alex28 added a post in a topic: Nouveau design   

    First of all, sorry for replying in English, but I don't speak French (that good).
    We started working on a new code and design (responsive, 2015 style).
    You'll see changes in around 30 days or so. 
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  4. alex28 added a post in a topic: Help. Can't download subtitles.   

    Try now please.
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  5. alex28 added a post in a topic: Recommend a movie   

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  6. alex28 added a post in a topic: Hello Everybody!   

    This is not new stuff.
    We dealt with this in the past and did just fine. How will you fight for freedom?
    What's your experience in this field?
    What is the point of making yet another website that stores (without actually making) subtitles?
    We have opensubtitles, tvsubtitles, subscene etc.
    Opensubtitles is the biggest subtitle database ever.
    You want to make your own website with nothing but duplicates? Use the OS API.

    You want to really help the scene? Create!
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  7. alex28 added a post in a topic: Addic7Ed Site Presenting Malware   

    sorry about that. We'll check it out. 
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  8. alex28 added a post in a topic: Dropbox Dropquest 2011   

    trolere ieftine
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  9. alex28 added a post in a topic: Download Limit Reached   

    From what I can see on your account, you downloaded season 1 twice.
    Please check your limits here: 
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  10. alex28 added a post in a topic: Trouble With Multiple Files On Following Page   

    sorry about that. we fixed a similar bug yesterday.
    Good thing is, I can reproduce it for my account to, a fix is on the way. Sorry! 
    Will let you know. Subscribe to notifications from this thread if you want.
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  11. alex28 added a post in a topic: I'm Presenting Myself To The Community.   

    Unless you're REALLY her.

    L.E. Nop, it's actually a "he".
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  12. alex28 added a post in a topic: Problem Accessing Site   

    Hey again Cjack, sorry for the delay.
    Please try now, it will work.
    Sorry :-)
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  13. alex28 added a post in a topic: Problem Accessing Site   

    Sorry about that. Fixed a bug that caused another bug.
    Should be totally fixed now, tried with several browsers.

    Let me know if you still encounter problems when you try to login.
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  14. alex28 added a post in a topic: Problem With Daily Download Count Exceeded Limit   

    First of all, thank you for the kind words and for the contribution you had on the subtitle scene.
    Due to some personal IRL issues, I couldn't reply to emails lately. Sorry about it. 
    The limit in "Panel" is 15. That's because it doesn't count your IP limit. After you use the downloads on your IP, it will subtract from the user limit (in Panel).
    It should show the total limit, I agree.. and we'll make that change at some point. 
    You can donate by clicking the "Donate" (Paypal button) at the top of every page. 
    I just tried and it seems to work.
    Can you please tell me what exactly are you bumping into? 
    If you want to make a screen shot and send it to me, please do it via the contact page. 
    I'll reply to all the emails tomorrow.
    After you donate please send me a message using the same contact form above.
    Sorry again for the delay.
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  15. alex28 added a post in a topic: Api ?   

    Probably this is why you'll never see it: " but never jumped to the website nor the forum "
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Status Feed

  1. alex28

    I added French as website language for Sub-Talk. You can select it at the bottom of the page!

    1. anissaka

      You're a king, alex !!!:rolleyes:

    2. alex28

      Ha, least I could do for messing up sub-talk recently. Enjoy! 

    3. anissaka

      But you're not responsible for messing it up, as you were only trying to make it better  !!

      And you succeeded !  ;)

    4. accent

      Many thanks Alex !!! :rolleyes:

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  2. alex28

    Where's the "I survived 2012" badge, eh?

    1. DrJackson

      I have them all, after January 1st I'll make a list to distribute them. :D

  3. alex28

    and we`re back!

  4. alex28 » spyderspyder

    Happy Birthday!!

  5. alex28

    Added extra spam protection... this should fix it!

    1. DrJackson

      Where and what? :D

    2. DrJackson

      Where and what? :D

    3. GeirDM

      The forum probably... Crazy stupid things being posted these last days...

    4. alex28

      added some questions bots shouldn't be able to bypass.. when registering that is.

  6. alex28

    fixing.... (reminds me of half life 1)

  7. alex28

    Wrote another Firefox Addon... more info in the forum.. download here:

    1. Aslan

      Wow!!! I use chrome, but I love it!

    2. nothingness495

      Thanks! I've installed the add-on. I hope FF approves this add-on soon so that it shows up in the search results! ^_^

    3. alex28

      glad you like it!

  8. alex28

    Android is awesome!

    1. GeirDM

      It's pretty good! Will be great after Honeycomb is out :)

  9. alex28 » Alex1969

    happy birthday!!!

  10. alex28

    hah, my account still works. i'm back!

    1. DrJackson

      Where you have been?
      You have so many days absence from work! Your salary will be reduced accordingly! :D

  11. alex28

    Did you know there's an iPhone application you can use with Sub-Talk?

    1. ilse

      I know that exists the mobile version for sub-talk. You mean that?

    2. alex28

      no. There's an iPhone application you can find in the AppStore. You can use that to browse through Sub-Talk (and other IPB boards).

  12. alex28

    Aww, man!

  13. alex28

    Birds of a feather flock together

  14. Linus75 » alex28

    Yeah ! Tell me about it !
    Ouais ! J't'en parle pas !

  15. alex28

    i never read more SPANISH post in my entire life :P (and i don`t even speak spanish)

    1. kabracity

      Look at the bright side: you can add to your CV "I've read a lot in Spanish" :P

  16. alex28

    i only made 41 posts today on sub-talk. Pfff.. i swear they seemed 1000!

  17. alex28 » Kerensky

    happy b-day!

  18. alex28

    Am i the only one having problems posting attachments?

  19. alex28

    finally, weather is back on track! t-shirt again!

  20. alex28

    irc chat now available. it will auto-connect to our #addic7ed channel!

  21. alex28

    autumn weather is back too... damn, it's cold outside!

  22. alex28

    VIP user group, but i just don't feel like it at the moment. probably tomorrow (hopefully!)