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  1. Sly_G added a post in a topic: Nice New Download Button!   

    Thumbs up! :rolleyes:
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  2. Sly_G added a post in a topic: Subtitles Stopped   

    BTW, sorry for off-topic, but I wanted to thank honeybunny for his/her great everyday work.
    I think you are a bit of a maniac, in a good way :)
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  3. Sly_G added a post in a topic: Subtitles Stopped   

    Seriously, guys - this is so kindergarten stuff!

    So, you didn't expect in the first place, that your work would spread across Internet, and some not-so-appreciative guys will do with it what they want?
    Come on, think about software publishers! They loosing money every second.
    You're just loosing some fame.

    If you're a content-based site, you bound to get a bunch of copycats. You have just one advantage - you have this content on your pages first!
    So, sooner or later, every one interested in the content, will figure out where's it coming from.
    You'll get your fame.

    You're doing this voluntarily, yeah, and so on,- but you should've thought of this possibility in the first place, really.

    I'm sitting here, right now, doing transcript for my favorite "Burn Notice", to share it - but it's not really my field.

    OK, how about this: I've heard you're searching for a programmer to rebuild your site. And god knows, it should be rebuilt. And I'm using your subs for many shows that I watch, cause I'm not from USA and I can only watch them by downloading.

    So, I promise that I'll do for you a new site, free of charge, in exchange of your stopping this noncense and continue to do what you're doing best.

    I have two conditions, though. I'll make the site with perl, not php thing; and I can do it sometime in January'11, nor earlier.
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  4. Sly_G added a post in a topic: V 2009   

    Started fine, not cool, just fine.
    But when I heard about the main plot of the show, I laughed my head off and couldn't watch it anymore.
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