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    Welcome :)
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    And it's not even a damn BALL!!! it's an egg..
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    President Mubarak left, now the country is controlled by the army, no idea till when but most likely for a year, martial law may take an effect anytime soon.
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    Also people who are following this, I will put a plus sign at the beginning of the sentence when I add any more news.
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    We already won, but the ones in Tahrir square won't listen, everytime their demands are met, they demand even more!!

    I'm 1 of those who were convinced and still are months ago, that president Mubarak wasn't the problem, the ones under him were, his only fault was that he gave power to people who abused that power right under his nose but he just didn't see it, everybody under him was telling him the country is fine, the people are fine, everything is okay.

    The new Vice president and Prime Minister that he chose to make the new government are 2 of the most respectable people in Egypt, they are a huge change and we will surely see that after the current crisis end. Both were accpeted and celebrated by the political opposition and the people, everybody welcomed them but the ones in Tahrir square.

    He made a lot of sacrifices for this country, he protected us from any war in the last 30 years, nobody ever went to bed afraid even after Egypt suffered from terrorist attacks, he built many useful projects for the country, he did everything that he was meant to do, his rule and accomplishments were ruined by those who served him, the last government consisted of business men who abused their political and governmental power for their personal gain and then told him it was all okay, showed him statistics and papers that said it was all okay, but in the end he got most of the blame.

    Right now we all know that he is leaving in September, the changes in the constitution will be made by that time, the real protesters who started on the 25th in Tahrir square went home as soon as they heard his speech, they WON but for some reason, new ones in Tahrir square are demanding more, just after they got all what they wanted and fought for, now the entire country is appreciating what the real protesters did and everybody is satisfied with the changes president Mubarak gave them, while hating and despising the ones who stayed in Tahrir after the president's speech and demanding more even after they got all what they asked for.
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    He was welcomed by both the political opposition and the people of Egypt, everybody likes him.

    The only people who aren't liking anybody or any changes are the ones in Tahrir square right now NOT the ones who started it on the 25th, everytime any of their demands are met, they ask for more.

    Let me tell you a proven fact that happened yesterday, the real protesters who started the peaceful protests in the 25th and camped in the Tahrir square for 8 days went home right after they heard the speech of president Mubarak yesterday, they said they were satisfied that their demands were met by the president, when they were asked why are there still people protesting in Tahrir, they said they tried to tell them all that "we have won, we got all what we asked for" but few listened to them and the rest said they won't leave till they die........
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    Thanks, I will keep it updated as long as the internet is up, if it's taken down again I will come back whenever it comes back.
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    A week before January 25th, the Egyptian people watched the Tunisian People revolt against it's dictator Ben Ali and forced him to flee the country and resign.

    Some Egyptian facebookers started encouraging others to follow in the footsteps of the Tunisian people and man up against president Hosny Mubarak Regime.

    They organized protests on Facebook to take place in January 25th, which happens to be an official holiday for the police.

    Those who organized the protests started using Facebook, Twitter and text messages to contact different groups of protesters and update them with locations of where they should go etc.

    Of course the interior ministry already knew that protests were going to take place on the 25th since it was posted all over the internet, so they were or thought they were prepared for whats to come.

    The interior ministry then stationed thousands of police officers and riot forces in the locations where the protests were said to take place.

    When the protests arrived, their numbers were much much larger than anticipated, the interior ministry never thought it would grow that big that fast, they thought that just few hundred would show up like many other protests (originated from certain layers of the society demanding something for themselves) that took place over the last 6 years which disbanded in a few hours.

    As far as we know, the riot forces had orders from the interior minister not to engage with the protesters but just prevent them from marching all over their city, their orders were to maintain them where they were till they just get bored and disband like always.

    But then the protesters wanted to march to other areas where they weren't allowed.

    The riot forces started advising the protesters to disband and go home otherwise they will use force.

    The protesters didn't listen and their numbers grown even more.

    The riot forces then started using water cannons to disband the protests but that didn't work, then the riot forces started using tear gas against the protesters and of course that also didn't work and made the people even more angry, they started throwing rocks at the riot forces, also started picking up the tear gas canisters and throw it back at them, also for some reason some protesters got their hands on a lot of Molotov cocktails and started using them against the police.

    With the frustration of the situation, the government decided to block access to facebook, twitter and many online newspapers since the protesters were using them to communicate with each other.

    People started using anti-proxy services to bypass the blockage to the social websites.

    The government then decided to disable text messages and mobile services in many areas where protests were taking place, but still hundreds more people started coming to the protests.

    Mean while, the clashes between the riot forces, police with the protesters got a lot more aggressive, hundreds on both sides started suffering from injuries and few deaths.

    Also I shouldn't forget to mention that the entire national Egyptian tv network completely ignored showing any news about the protests for 2 and half days like it never happened.

    The frustrated interior ministry inserted criminals and low lives with the protesters to cause fights amongst them in hope that it breaks them out, which is a strategy have been long used to break protests over the years.

    Apparently that also didn't work and protesters were able to find those who cause trouble and havoc between their lines and taught them a lesson with some good old beating.

    With the news and videos of more casualties and injuries all over the internet many people started pouring into the streets to join the protesters.

    Some people on Facebook decided to organize bigger protests after the weekly prayer on Friday and called it the Friday of wrath.

    The government decided to completely shut down mobile service, Text, GSM and internet access all over the country.

    President Hosni Mubarak declared that he is going to dissolve the current government and appoint a new 1 in the next few days.

    The protests on Friday were bigger and meaner than ever before, the riot forces and the police clearly couldn't handle them, they were frustrated and tired from fighting with their own people for 3 straight days with no sleep and barely any chance to eat or rest since many protesters decided to camp the streets during the night.

    All of the sudden in a matter of 4 hours the entire interior ministry forces consisting of police men, riot forces withdrew from all their locations and completely vanished with no explanation from the interior ministry.

    Thousands of criminals and low lives, took advantage of the police being busy with the protests and started burning down government buildings, raiding malls, shops across the country in a very organized manner, stealing, some rapes were reported, looting whatever they could carry, burning private properties or just destroying it.

    Many families of detained suspects or criminals in police stations all across Egypt took this chance to raid the stations where their relatives or friends were being held, either killed or injured policemen in the stations, freed the prisoners, looted the station armories and finally burned down entire stations along with all the official papers and documents in them which most likely incriminated their relatives/friends, this happened to hundreds of police stations across Egypt, also it should be noted that no police was to be found anywhere since they withdrew, not even in the cities where there was no protests at all, they all just vanished from the face of the earth.

    Mean while, president Hosni Mubarak, for the 1st time in his 28 years of rule, appointed a vice president, Omar Sulieman, who was head of the Intelligence agency in Egypt, also appointed Ahmed Shafiq as a prime minister who was the minister of civil aviation, he ordered him to build a new government as soon as possible, both Sulieman and Shafiq are very well respected people, who served the country in honor and nobody in the entire country could say something bad about them.

    While the entire police and riot forces were withdrawing, the army came in and took over their positions in the streets and declared curfew from 6pm till 7am (the next day it changed to 4pm till 8am, the next day was changed from 3pm till 8am) but in reality the protesters did not respect the curfew and camped in their locations especially in Tahrir square in Cairo.

    Mean while, the invaders, criminals and low lives, kept sweeping through police stations, arming themselves with government issued weapons, burning down important and vital documents in many government facilities including the NSA, freeing prisoners from police stations and prisons, killing or injuring any policemen they could find, terrifying people on the streets since there is no police to be found anywhere, all police stations were burned down, no police is answering any reports. It's estimated that more than 17,000 convicted criminals had escaped from the biggest prisons in Egypt.

    Since there is no police anymore, some wise people suggested on tv channels to young men and those who are capable, to make groups of vigilantes to protect their own streets during the curfew hours, the army itself encouraged young men to do that since the army can't be everywhere when help is needed.

    Thousands of brave young men armed themselves with wooden sticks and other blunt objects to protect their streets during the curfew hours from looters and criminals, especially during the night hours.

    Many criminals stole ambulances and minibuses and drove through the streets firing automatic weapons randomly terrorizing people in their homes, while young men were trying to run after them armed with only wooden sticks and metal pipes.

    Young brave men made blockades on their streets to inspect every single car that passes through and took justice into their own hands by catching criminals and low lives then delivering them to the army forces which positioned themselves in the main streets only not in side streets.

    The government declared that it's redeploying the police forces back on the streets the next day to maintain order again and catch criminals while also rebuilding their destroyed police stations.

    The army asks young men on the streets to continue protecting their homes till the police force is back on the streets again.

    Mean while on another planet, many protesters in the Tahrir square in Cairo are still camping during the night and protesting during the day as usual, while the rest of the city and the country is on fire by looters and criminals, homes/shops/malls getting raided, people getting killed by criminals with automatic weapons.

    The army was protecting the most important facilities (like the national tv station, ministries, the national Egyptian museum which BTW was heavily damaged by looters) also was and is still trying to collect the criminals that vigilantes everywhere catch.

    2 more days of the same happening, but crime rate was lowered, more prisoners and criminals were being captured, vigilantes are on every street protecting their homes, more tv channels discussing the situations, protests are taking place during the day.

    The protesters called for a million people to protest with them on Tuesday, it happened in even bigger numbers, no one was harmed by the army or the redeployed police, more criminals and low lives were caught.

    By the end of the day, only 20-30k of the protesters remained in the Tahrir square, the rest went back to their homes.

    At night, President Mubarak, declared that he is implementing almost every single request made by the protesters, almost everybody at home were overjoyed and thanked him, hundreds if not thousands marched in the streets 5 minutes after his speech to try to encourage the campers at Tahrir square to go home, their job is done and all they asked for was accepted by Mubarak.

    But at the same time, unknown opposition politicians who have been wanting a piece of the cake for themselves since it all started, kept trying to enrage the campers by telling them that Mubarak is trying to manipulate them into submission and that he isn't going to do what he promised which is ridiculous, the speech which Mubarak gave us was everything but a lie, he said that history will judge the good or the bad he had done and promised to do all what the protesters asked for, but he can't leave till the end of his presidential period which is September which is very freaking understandable, there is no way in hell he is going to leave while the situation in the country is this bad, give the man time to leave in peace, give the damn new government a chance to implement the changes YOU asked for.

    Mean while, International tv stations kept making the situation look much worse than it is, they kept replaying videos from the 1st 3 days since the protests begun which were the most violent days, but since then, ALL protests were peaceful, the army and the police harmed NO one and nobody clashed with anybody, why don't they display THAT to the rest of then world?

    On Wednesday, the internet service was back and liars started posting lies all over facebook to enrage people again. It's almost back to where it all started so I pray to Allah to help us all.

    On the same day, Thousands if not hundreds of thousands continued protests supporting president Mubarak decisions and asking opposition to go back home and await the changes.

    The protesters in Tahrir still aren't convinced thanks to the corrupted opposition amongst them and right now as we speak, thousands from Tahrir are throwing rocks and fighting with the other protesters who asked them to go home. Let's hope it doesn't turn into a civil war.

    The opposition online news and tv news are spreading rumors that government deployed the protesters who are supporting the decision of Mubarak to fight, maybe even kill the ones in Tahrir and this is complete bull, (personal opinion: yeah right, the government deployed thousands of ordinary people 5 minutes after the president speech ended to support him and fight the ones who won't listen).

    More media figures are asking the protesters to go home and wait for the changes to be made, since everything especially politics take time to be done, they also told them that they can go back in the streets if change never happened, but still many protesters in Tahrir square won't listen and are still demanding that the president leaves immediately not in September.
    (PO: it's not freaking possible for him to leave right now if they want the changes to be made, especially the changes in the constitution which they requested, they won't change if he leaves right now since all the changes in the constitution require the president, he promised to change them and leave in September, give the man few months and he is going to leave forever, but they still insist that the changes has to be done right now... I don't understand why are they demanding to change it if they haven't even read it).

    More casualties between the pro and anti president Mubarak protesters in Tahrir, over 600 hundred were injured today and 1 reported dead, people are throwing Molotov cocktails in large numbers at each other, rocks and fireballs, but I need to clarify again that this is only happening in the Tahrir square.

    There has been rumors that during the day, which were spread by unknown harmful forces claimed that the government sent policemen riding horses and camels attacking the Tahrir protesters, but it's complete bull, it's true these people were there and we all saw it but they were NOT policemen, they were simply a few workers from "Nazlet El Seman" which is a known tourist site, who became jobless since tourists fled the country, these people were living on the daily pay of tourists who rode their horses/camels, now since tourists left the country, they don't have a job anymore, no money and the tourists aren't probably going to return to Egypt for a long time, that's why they are too damn angry at the protesters in Tahrir who forced millions to become jobless, all what pro Mubarak protesters wanted was that to make the anti Mubarak ones go home and wait for the changes that they demanded to take an effect so that the country could get back on it's feet, but it ended up as a brutal battle between pro and anti Mubarak.
    (PO: you guys have to understand that the protests created more harm to the country than there was, millions of people lost their jobs because of the protests, especially since hundreds of investors sold all their shares and left, millions lost all their savings and money when their shops/homes/cars were robbed/destroyed, many traders took the chance that there isn't enough supplies to double or triple their profits, every single person in the country was affected by the aftermath of the protests, those who were poor, are now poorer, those who were getting by are now poor, those who were middle class are now getting by, that's why the people are too damn angry, everybody is appreciating the political changes that happened because of the 1st protest on the 25th but the protesters keep adding more demands as soon as their 1st demands were accepted, now many people believe that as soon as whatever they demand now is accepted by the government, they will demand more)

    The prime minister sent high government officials to talk to the Tahrir protesters and assured them that the new interior minister won't allow any violence against them from the police as long as their protests stay peaceful, later on, more criminals and low lives believed to be be paid by business men started attacking the protesters again.

    The vice president on national tv said that Mubarak is going to leave, his son isn't going to be a president, he promised to change the constitution and prosecute the ones who were responsible for what happened to the country, we have to find out who caused all this chaos in the country and prosecute them, the more unrest the harder it's going to be to fix what was broken, he urges people to give them a chance to fix the country, he also said those who are innocent will be let go right away.

    The president Hosni Mubarak had an interview with ABC from his palace, he said he was very worried of the violence that happened against the protesters in Tahrir, he blamed the Muslim Brotherhood, he said he is sick and tired of being a president and he would love to leave right now but if he leaves right now, the country would be in even more chaos, the country would tremble even more, he said he is very displeased with Egyptians attacking their own in the streets, when asked about what he thinks when protesters curse him, he said that right now all he cares about is the stability of the country, the ABC interviewer also said that Mubarak is in the presidential palace right now with his family, also Gamal was there and she talked to him, president Mubarak said that he never intended his son to be the next president (PO: Although, Gamal in my opinion has every right to apply for presidency but that doesn't mean I would elect him or any1 else would), Mubarak also said that he is never going to leave the country especially after his rule ends in September and he is going to die in it, he also protected his rule over the years, he also said that president Obama is a great man and when the interviewer asked him if he feels that the US betrayed him when it asked him indirectly many times to leave, he said that he told president Obama that he doesn't understand the Egyptian culture and that Obama has no idea what would happen to Egypt if Mubarak leaves right now instead of September, when asked about how he feels right now, he said I feel strong and I will never run away from Egypt, I will die on it's lands, I never intended to re-apply for presidency in the next elections and I never intended for Gamal to apply either.

    The final report of the casualties is 800 injured, 90 of which were hospitalized and 8 dead (these numbers are from both sides).

    Mean while, everybody is looking at Friday with caution, afraid of what might happen between anti/pro Mubarak protesters, thousands if not millions are believed to march after the Friday prayer again in many areas in Egypt. (PO: I think today is going to be a very brutal day, I hope I'm wrong)

    After the Friday prayer, people in Tahrir are still protesting, pro Mubarak protests emerged in major cities, at the same time anti Mubarak protests also emerged in major cities, but no clashes has been reported yet, hopefully it won't, the protesters in Tahrir are protected by the army from every single side street leading to the square, any1 is allowed to go inside after being searched for weapons and after checking their IDs, many of the original protesters from the 25th who left after the speech came back today trying to convince those who remained to go home and await the changes but with no luck at all.

    Tahrir protesters are convinced that if they try to leave the Tahrir square they are going to be arrested, although the prime minister, the army general, the interior minister all declared that nobody who leaves Tahrir is going to be arrested at all, unless of course they had weapons or didn't have ids.

    I should also mention that the new prime minister Ahmed Shafiq during a press conference yesterday, acknowledged that the previous interior minister used dirty tactics against the protesters last week, like when he hired criminals to try and disrupt the protesters by causing chaos and attacking the riot police, so that the riot police would have a legitimate reason to fight back, he also acknowledged that the previous interior minister opened the prisons as a tactic against protesters which was also done by the government in Tunisia during their unrest and before Ben Ali fled the country, he promised that all those responsible would be prosecuted, the previous interior minister isn't allowed to leave the country, his place is very well known and will be prosecuted as soon as the investigations are done.
    (PO: Just to be clear, he didn't accuse the interior minister directly, Mr Ahmed Shafiq is too honest to throw accusations at specific people, he is leaving that in the hands of the judges)

    I repeat again that so far no clashes has been reported between protesters of both sides, the ones in Tahrir are supposed to be the safest of all right now.

    Thankfully, no real confrontations happened, just a very small one somewhere in a city, total casualties were 18 injuries in the entire country, the rest ended peacefully, nobody touched the Tahrir campers and it's been quiet all day, Friday went safe.

    Tahrir protesters announced more demands for them to go home, they announced that Mubarak resigning is currently the least of their concerns, meaning that it's on their bottom list of demands and that they won't leave Tahrir even after he leaves, they said that unless president Mubarak leaves, they won't accept talks nor discussions with the government for their new demands, but as soon as president Mubarak leave, they will accept discussions with the government, then based on the result, they will decide on whether to leave the Tahrir square or not, but right now they confirmed that they won't consider leaving Tahrir square even if Mubarak leaves.

    I should also mention that the vice president Omar Sulieman and the prime minister Ahmed Shafiq already tried countless times to talk to them but the protesters won't accept talks till president Mubarak leaves.

    Mean while, millions of Egyptians at home are becoming more enraged hour by hour because of the Tahrir protester's continued resistance to accept any of the changes that president Mubarak took or started to take, men, women are screaming and crying through phone calls to tv channels for the protests to stop, regular people on the streets starting to hit their anger limit and curses the protesters, tension is everywhere and people just want it to be all over.

    On another planet, the protesters are having fun in Tahrir, playing a guitar while singing and dancing, getting fed everyday, getting blankets, getting clean water, getting treated by more than 88 ambulances stationed outside the square and protected by the army.

    I should also mention that during the bloody confrontations in Tuesday and Wednesday, the new health minister turned a building into a field hospital with an operating room, he goes there everyday for hours overseeing the volunteered doctors and counting casualties etc. Some injured protests refused to receive treatment by the doctors and stitched themselves infront of news cameras then complained about how the government wouldn't send medical help to them.

    Tens of Egypt's most respected figures (politicians, professors, scholars, pastors, actors, singers, etc) went to Tahrir and gave speeches to the protesters, urged them to go home so that the country could be stabilized again and for the changes to take an effect, they were welcomed by the protesters but still refused to budge.

    (PO: just to clarify something, pro Mubarak protesters asked for the exact things that anti Mubarak asked for, including Mubarak leaving, the differences are that "anti" want the changes to happen in superhero time while "pro" understand that all the changes need time to be made and to allow Mubarak to do these changes before he leaves for good in September. They both agree on the same goals, just not on the time frame).

    In the last 2 days, protesters in Tahrir are still where they are, everything is calmed down, the opposition and 25th protesters including the illegal Muslim Brotherhood met with the vice president in an open discussion, it went very well with the exception of the immediate leave issue of president Mubarak instead of September which was argued mostly by the 25th protesters, but as for the rest of the demands they were accepted by the government, more discussions are to take place soon.

    An article of Foreign Police (an American Magazine) was released in an Egyptian magazine today saying that it criticizes the international news channels like Aljazeera for only focusing on showing 1 face of the coin which is the protesters and not the 16 million who were protecting their homes at night in Cairo alone nor the 4 times their number outside Cairo, also failing to show the destruction that was caused by robbers and criminals in the darkest days of the revolution, also puts the blame on foreign reporters not just the Arab ones.

    Days passed by and the protest got bigger in Tahrir, thousands of poor citizens came to join the protests demanding a solution for their own problems.

    Wael Ghonem (the 1 who started it all) who was arrested in the 28th by orders from the previous interior minister, was released from national security and accompanied by the new interior minister to his home, they discussed many issues, he showed up on tv talking about his experience after he was arrested (more like kidnapped since nobody knew where the hell he was since the 28th, this is a known style of Habeeb El-Adely), he said that they blindfolded him for 12 days, they interrogated him and he told them everything, at 1st they thought he was funded or bribed by unknown sources to start the demonstrations but at the end they were convinced that he was just an ordinary Egyptian who wanted the best for his country, he said they never harmed him nor asked him to say that they didn't harm them, he also said that he felt that they really cared about Egypt and wanted to protect it, just their methods were corrupt, he also cried live on tv for the ones who died during the protests, he said that deaths were never meant to happen and it's not his fault, then he stormed out of the studio set.

    Wael Ghonem joined the protesters in Tahrir square and encouraged them to be stronger and stay there till Mubarak leaves, he also organized a huge funeral for the ones who died since it all started, the families of the ones who died also joined them.

    On Thursday, the army announced on tv that they will protect the country and the people, also announced that they will have daily meetings with army generals to discuss the situation. (PO: pretty much implies that if the government fails to satisfy the protesters, the army will implement martial law)

    President Mubarak announced in a speech that he ordered 6 major changes to be made in the constitution, also gave all his presidential powers to his VP according to the constitution, which means the VP is now the president except that he can't change the constitution nor dissolve the parliament, but it's not a setback since the president himself already issued an official order to change the constitution, after the changes are made, the current parliament will have to agree to them (they will have to) and then the parliament would be dissolved. So starting from that moment the VP is considered to be the president while the president himself is out of the picture till he leaves in September.

    The Tahrir square protesters still won't believe a word from President Mubarak nor his VP Omar Sulieman, now they are protesting against Sulieman as well, many are calling for the protesters to march to the presidency palace and the national tv station.

    The US sent few navy ships to the red sea loaded with 800 marines, claiming that they are for evacuating Americans from Egypt if the situation gets any worse, but since that's America we are talking about, we could only speculate the truth.

    The border with Gaza is currently wide open, anybody could go in or out as they please, Bedouins are arming themselves.

    Around 3000 protesters went to the presidential palace, the army there kindly offered them buses to transport them back to the Tahrir square, just to let you know, if protesters try to penetrate the palace, the national guard will turn it into a real massacre, the national guard are not the army, they are completely different so yeah, the national guard can and will open fire if any1 tries to sneak into the palace.

    Everybody is approaching Friday with caution, nobody knows what the hell is going to happen next.

    Huge protests everywhere, the army announced that they will make sure that president Mubarak does what he promised.

    +Later on, president Mubarak resigned and gave his authorities to the army generals, now Egypt is a military controlled state, no more government for now, martial law is probably going to take an effect till a new government is made, which is likely to happen very soon.

    Will keep it updated as things happen.

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    The change of pace is required in this kind of music, at least that's how I see it

    I'm glade for your feedback :)
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  10. Foaman added a post in a topic: Couple Of My Tracks   

    Hello there guys

    These are a couple of tracks I made recently, they are a mix of Techno and house, hope you like them

    1st track is Forest of Legs - Roll on the Floor

    2nd track is Forest of Legs - New Grounds

    Waiting your feedback on both, Thank you.
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    Correcting subtitles means the following>>

    1- Fixing all misspellings.
    2- Putting caps where required.
    3- Using fullstops and comas where required.
    4- Adding missing words/lines.
    5- Perfecting the timing of each line, I have seen many good subtitles ruined because of the terrible timing (like fading too fast before the viewer actually get to read the whole sentence etc.)

    Well, that's what I used to do back in my day, I wish I could come back to the correction world but it took way too much time. I'm thankful to all the subtitle makers for the time and effort they put into making them because seriously it's a lot of work.

    There is an extreme option of adding tips when a character refer to something that not many viewers would understand but it's really an extreme option because not many people focus on small unrelated details like that.
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    He was my favorite comedy actor.. I'm really going to miss him..
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    This is great Alex, great job :)
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    Human Target has been renewed.
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    I know Arabic (I should since I'm Egyptian lol), if you need help with translating certain words from Arabic to English, let me know and I will try my best.
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