[No Longer Updated] Changelog

By alex28,
The only order for the moment is by date. First is old, last is new.
Check this thread from time to time since i'll only update this post.
This might not show ALL the changes (mostly because i forget about them).

* Fixed upload so the users can't leave the episode title empty or the new show name.
* Removed the empty lines (empty text) from the downloaded subtitle.
* When a user clicks " Join translation ", the specific rules for translating in that lang will be shown in case they exists.
* The moderator comments now are shown in bold and sent comments can't be empty or longer than 1500chars.
* Changed download limits: 10 - Not logged in, 35 logged in, 55 VIP. Increased the limit for users and VIP by 5. Enjoy! (remember the limit is for 24hours)
* Trying to check subtitles for multi-download without being logged in pops up a warning.
* Added My Downloads to user panel.
* Added Change Password to user panel.
* Added VIP row in My Panel. You can now check the status of your account by yourself.
* View and Edit is now available to logged in users only.
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