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I really do hate to complain about free stuff but it would be nice when people create these subtitles that they will take the time to actually review them all the way through to see if they are really in sync and not out of sync after a few minutes into the video. I have come across so many from this group that will be in sync for the first minute and then will get incredibly out of sync and this makes it extremely hard to figure out what is going on. I am a disabled American Veteran and my hearing has been going down hill the past few years and now I need to use subtitles at all times. The hearing aids I get from the VA system only last at the most a few minutes before breaking down and the last five I have had have been sent in for repair numerous times and still come back inoperable so these subtitles are incredibly important to people like me that are extremely hearing impaired. I do appreciate the fact that some people do make good working subtitles where it seems they had actually taken the time to verify that they actually work without getting out of sync through out the whole video. I will not name anyone in particular as I am sure they know who they are and I hope they will take the time to actually read this and be like the other competent subtitle creators and verify fully the subtitles through the whole video.

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Hello Virkil2U and welcome !

I can imagine how awful it is to have subtitles out of sync, this happens also sometimes for non-HI versions (we should not be the case). I presume you downloaded the correct matching video file with the offered subtitle (so e,g, DIMENSION or AVS etc)

On the subtitle page of the episode you find at the right a yellow triangle. Using the sign you can report a bad subtitle (you can thick boxes and/or add a comment). These reports can only be seen by moderators who will take action when possible.

It's important to address these issues, as you can imagine it's impossible to check each uploaded subtitle.

The English version are used by other members to make the different other language versions. It's important that both HI and not-HI are correct.

Kind regards,


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