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  2. crazymess.

    == Aide à la traduction sur forum ==

    Bonsoir, Je traduis actuellement le dernier épisode de Charmed et il y a un terme, que je ne comprends pas et ne sait pas comment traduire, qui est "verbal reflecting", il s'agit de psychologie vu que la personne parle d'un projet pour son cours de psychologie. Voici la phrase entière : Merci d'avance
  3. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0190332/ Thanks in advance.
  4. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0808506/ The whole script for the movie can be found here: http://thenutgallery.com/scripts/girlwholeaptthroughtime.doc Thanks in advance.
  5. Englishsubtitles

    Beavis and Butt-head English Closed Captions

    Hi, I'd like to find all the Closed Captions for the entire show. Only some are available yet. Thanks in advance.
  6. Salut ! C'est tout pareil pour moi, depuis quelques temps déjà. Je pense que mon ordi est parfois un peu lent à l'affichage, mais je ne sais pas pourquoi exactement...
  7. Today
  8. Hello ! Cela fait un certain temps que je n'avais pas tenté de poster un commentaire en mode "join translation" et j'ai un souci d'affichage des caractères accentués. J'utilise Firefox 88.0.1... Quelqu'un a peut-être un souci du même genre...
  9. ChuckBrown

    I Spy 1965-1968 English Sub Request

    Yeah, I was joking! I really appreciate it though, I'm watching "I Spy" now! "Access" eh? I figured there might be files online. Search engines are no good anymore. I'm not very good at scripting. The most script experience I have, is in Arma 2/3... I am hopelessly lost, when I press F12 in my web browser. I can't write C++ or anything like that. I'm sure I could learn, if I took the time. Thanks again, I have a lot of work ahead of me.
  10. chile-verde

    I Spy 1965-1968 English Sub Request

    No Secrets...Just searches, access and scripts.
  11. ChuckBrown

    I Spy 1965-1968 English Sub Request

    Wow Thanks! It's not in sync with my current 23.976fps version ... Maybe I can find another video file that is a different frame rate. (I did! a 24fps) These subs work with 24fps very well. I have not tested them on season 3. But S2E2 is in sync @ 24 fps, throughout the entire episode... You've saved me a lot of subtitling work! Thank you! I've been looking for the subtitles you have provided for years! What's your secret?
  12. chile-verde

    I Spy 1965-1968 English Sub Request

    Found English raw subtitles but only for S02 & S03. Did not check for content. Hope this helps! I.Spy.S02.zip I.Spy.S03.zip
  13. Hello, I just joined because Chile-Verde found "The Sweeney" 1975 subtitles for me! Now I just have to resync them for my 25Fps version! Then I'll upload them to OpenSubtitles. I will also upload them @ their current frame rate. I have uploaded about 100 subtitles on "Opensubtitles" dot Org. Including "Philip Marlowe - Private Eye" from scratch and most of "Miami Vice" 720p x264 Resynced. I hope to add to the community, receive help finding files I cannot find... and maybe collaborate!
  14. ChuckBrown

    I Spy 1965-1968 English Sub Request

    Hey there everyone! I am currently resyncing another TV show into 25fps. (The Sweeney) I have been looking for/ planning to make English subtitles for "I Spy" from 1965-1968. @ 23.976fps Any help making them or finding text/srt files, would be very much appreciated. I know it has no original CC... But perhaps there is something out there. Or we can work together to make 82 new subtitles! Or I'll do it by hand eventually! I really enjoy this TV series... Over and over! Thank you in advance for any response.
  15. marina2419

    Down Dog (2014)

    Hi! I am looking for an english subtitle for a british movie called "Down Dog" (2014). I have got Down Dog 2014 HDRip x264 AC3-iFT release. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt3147930/?ref_=nv_sr_srsg_1 Thanks for your help.
  16. ChuckBrown

    The Sweeney 1975

    I did not download Season 1. Season 2 I've just checked. All episodes are listed correctly. Except S2E13 and S2E10 are switched. The text is spot on! They look good so far! I think they're 23.976fps... So I'll lose a bit of space when I resync for 25fps. I enjoy the "Hearing Impaired" sections. Thanks again. I'll check back later and comment on the quality of Seasons 3/4. Once I've had the time to read/look through them. Edit: Checking back. Season 3 is accurate text for each episode correctly named. And so is season 4. Now for me to enter SubtitleEdit and resync these for my video files. Then post online, because I know most people have 25FPS copies. I might start a new thread, for "I Spy" with Robert Culp and Bill Cosby... I've been planning to make subs for over a year. Maybe I can get some help! But first 3 seasons of The Sweeney to resync... That will take a few months probably. I can't live in front of my PC. Edit 2: I downloaded Season 1... All files are correctly labeled for 23.976fps.
  17. ChuckBrown

    The Sweeney 1975

    Wow thanks! You are a champ! Where did you find these?! I have been searching online for a week! I'll still have to resync them for 25 FPS... And the episode numbers are not ordered correctly... (S2E13 files/text is on S2E10) But these files have the right text for the episodes! I'll just have to read and sort/rename them. I made a REAL account to download these. Gracias Chile-Verde! I really appreciate the links and zip files, and you posted them so quickly! Thank you!
  18. guiguillou

    How To Upload Subtitles In Addic7Ed

    Ok, thank you. I will try this.
  19. guiguillou

    Raw subs for Doc-Nelle tue mani

    Hi. I started to subtitled the italian show "Doc-Nelle tue mani" in french. I need your help to correct it. Thank you. Doc - S01 E01 - Mémoire enfouie-Sub.ass
  20. Too bad that it did not work out for you. Depending on the subtitles and the videos, syncing can sometimes be tedious work. Silver lining is that you installed SubtitleEdit and now can try to sync your own.
  21. Ooh man, this is not going to be as easy as it sounds. All the subs are out of sync and the timing is off. So, the only way to fix it would be to go through the entire movie from the back to the front with Sub Edit so I can painstakingly realign the entire sub track manually. That would take hours, not to mention spoil the film, so I don't think I'll do that. Also, it appears that this sub only covers the English that is spoken in the film and doesn't cover the Spanish translation, which is a large part of this film. So, I'm afraid I'm back at square one without a necessary sub. I would be thrilled if someone can find the proper sub for me, thanks!
  22. Yesterday
  23. Thank you! I will try that. I tried to sync the subtitles using VLC but couldn't get them line up or the timing was somehow off. I will try what you suggest and hope for the best.
  24. chile-verde

    The Sweeney 1975

    Found English raw subtitles for S01, S02, S03 & S04 but did not check for content. Hope this helps! The.Sweeney.S01.zip The.Sweeney.S02.zip The.Sweeney.S03.zip The.Sweeney.S04.zip
  25. forgetit

    Request for: Spy City

    I think these are the "german" subs. spy.city.(2020).tv.s01.eng.6cd.zip
  26. uncthaiyo

    SuperFly T.N.T. (1973)

    Hi, i'm looking for the english subtitles for the classic movie SuperFly T.N.T which was released in 1973. If someone can locate and upload this it would be greatly appreciated.
  27. forgetit

    Request for: Spy City

    Afaik these already have embedded subs. spy.city.s01e01.720p.web.x265-yst.srt spy.city.s01e02.720p.web.x265-yst.srt
  28. chile-verde

    Request for: Spy City

    Check here > https://www.opensubtitles.org/en/ssearch/sublanguageid-all/idmovie-1027893
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