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  2. Hi, First, you've done an amazing job with Australian Survivor, many thanks! I'm looking right now for English subtitles for Survivor South Africa, Seasons 6-8 (The reboot). Season 6, in particular, is supposed to be the best. It's available on YouTube, but their subtitles are awful. Sorry, but they really are. I think they're machine made or something like that. I'm having great troubles with the (dutch?) accent. Could you please work on it? Thank you!
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  4. annemarie64

    We Hunt Together S2 English Subtitles

    Has anyone found the subs yet?
  5. Drindrin

    Derry Girls S03E06

    What about episode 7 please ? The series finale.
  6. jvo2018

    Derry Girls S03E06

  7. falic13

    Derry Girls S03E06

  8. Yesterday
  9. Pindiu

    Borgen Season 4 - English Subs

    You'll probably have to wait for the Netflix release in June. Not long now.
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  11. jvo2018

    Derry Girls S03E06

    Looks as if same problem is occurring with S03E07. One post said the subs are delayed due to a fire that affected some of the Red Bee equipment used to create subs for UK shows.
  12. Yarddog45

    Cherif ( Captain Sharif) Season 6

    would like to have the english subtitles for the season. I Have translated from Russian and some portugese, but would like the originals Thanks Yardog45
  13. jvo2018

    Derry Girls S03E06

    According to a syncher in Spain, the broadcaster has not put up any subs for this episode, so no one has been able to post them, even a raw version. In reviewing 4 versions of the video files, they are not embedded in any of the mkv versions either. Does anyone have any (hopefully good) news about this situation? Is it perhaps just a matter of being patient? Thanks.
  14. Yod4

    Borgen Season 4 - English Subs

    Hello, Looking for good English subtitles for Borgen Season 4. There are already some average quality subtitles, most likely machine translated ("Hygge" and "Ballin"). They are watchable, but a lot of the nuance in the dialogues is lost. If someone could provide better alternatives that would be appreciated. Thank you.
  15. Thebon

    Redemption Season 1 Subtitles

    Looking for subtitles for Season 1 of Redemption. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt14479480/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1
  16. VelaOmsk

    Servant of the people 2

  17. Arnav

    Recruitment! Syncers only, NOT translators!

    Hi, I would be happy to join your team. Let me know if there is a place for me! I have a little experience with subtitles and I am fast learner. Thanks
  18. Hi, long time user, first time poster! Would like to put a request in for The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show. You can find the show on archive.org: https://archive.org/details/TheCharlieBrownAndSnoopyShow. Would be really great if we can get some English subtitles for this excellent show TIA!
  19. Pindiu

    Heartbeat UK series

    Heartbeat (UK) Series 6 (1996) Heartbeat - Series 6 - Subtitles.zip
  20. CoolYou

    Mr.Mercedes.S02 1080p Bluray

    some latest bluray don't have subtitle available because those are just arrived. and there is some older bluray which sub is not available. may be 5~10% content i tested https://subtitletools.com/convert-sup-to-srt-online it's accuracy is really good! but their price is really so costly
  21. bird

    Grace (2021)

    You might want to look for MiNX or BTN, they sync with the subs on addic7ed : https://www.addic7ed.com/serie/Grace_%282021%29/2/1/Not_Dead_Enough
  22. themuseofepicpoetry

    Grace (2021)

    Still doesn't sync though. Guess I'll have to look for another version. Thanks though!
  23. Leonamax4

    Zane's Sex Chronicles

    Hi all! This may be one of those that will remain elusive, but you never know... If anyone has access to subtitles for this show: ZANE'S SEX CHRONICLES I would be most grateful! best regards,
  24. Leonamax4

    Zane's Sex Chronicles

    Looking for Zane's Sex Chronicles and would most grateful
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  26. VelaOmsk

    Cam Boy - subs?

    There are no others, unfortunately.
  27. maystevens

    Cam Boy - subs?

    Subtitles for E01 are wrong. They are the same as E02.
  28. Mina

    Un homme, Un vrai

    https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0329706/ Hello everybody, this is a 2003 french film called «A man, A real one» in english but I cant' find any subtile of this film. Can someone help me please? Thank you all
  29. jub7474

    We Hunt Together S2 English Subtitles

    Looks like we're SOL, Annemarie! 😄 I guess we'll have to wait until it comes to the U.S., probably in August sometime.
  30. TruNk

    Hullraisers S01 (UK/2022)

    Pindiu can u update subtitles for hapless?
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