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  2. chile-verde

    Hoping for Sto Para Pente English Translation

    Greek subtitles for S01 & S02 are here > http://xsubs.tv/series/179/main.xml Just as an aside, this search made me chuckle by reminding me of Blackadder's Born to Be King episode Prince Edmund : Scotsmen are barbarians! Half of them don't even speak English! Percy : Well, what do they speak? Prince Edmund : Oh, I don't know. It's all Greek to me! Percy : They speak Greek? Prince Edmund : No, I mean it SOUNDS like Greek. Percy : Well, if it sounds like Greek, it probably IS Greek. Prince Edmund : It's not Greek! Percy : But it sounds LIKE Greek..."What's not Greek, but sounds like Greek?" Hm, that's a good one, my lord! Prince Edmund : Look, it's not meant to be a BRAIN-TEASER, Percy! I'm simply trying to tell you that I cannot understand a blind word they're saying. Percy : Well, no wonder, my lord. You never learned Greek, of course.
  3. RowanEleven

    Hoping for Sto Para Pente English Translation

    HI Niro, Basically this is possible using one of the online translator sites. But you need to have the Greek subtitles. Can you find them anywhere? filakia, rowan11
  4. forgetit

    The War Below (2020)

    I am looking for English subtitles for the movie "The war below" (2020) https://www.imdb.com/title/tt10381014/ It's out on bluray (april 16), made in the UK, but strangely enough there only seem to be french and spanish subs available (subscene).
  5. guiguillou

    Request - Doc : Nelle tue mani

    Hi guys. I was so sad to found no subtitles for this show that I tried to do it myself. I've already "translate" or "transcript" many episodes but not all and not in order. Are you stilll looking for subtitles? I've made them in french cause that's my language. But be kind, it's my first attempt (with help of current subtitles made by the network in France). Guillemette
  6. backgam

    Serie War Of The Worlds 1988

    Hi Martco, Heb ik voor je - 2x losse FiHTV.srt NL - UK heb ik niet Heb ook nog de 2x 720p MKV's (engels gsproken) Bye - Backgam
  7. sitch626@hotmail.com

    Hoping for Sto Para Pente English Translation

    Hey All, Thanks for taking the time to read my post. I was simply wondering if it be at all possible for someone to be able to translate the Greek series Sto Para Pente (Στο Παρά πέντε). I'm learning Greek to talk with my partners family and she says this is her families favourite show. After managing to catch a few episodes on YouTube (before copyright strikes occurred suddenly), I was really liking the show. Now I'm just wondering if people here are able to help me in this regard. Thank you very much for reading this post, I hope someone (if possible) are able to help. Kind Regards, Niro
  8. Yesterday
  9. kevin

    Raw CC's: Not Going Out S11 (Partial)

    Thanks a lot for these subtitles, dear friend.
  10. clarinette2019

    Leonardo 2021

    Je les ai ! leonardo.s01e01.webrip.720.ideafilm.srt leonardo.s01e02.webrip.720.ideafilm.srt leonardo.s01e03.webrip.720.ideafilm.srt leonardo.s01e04.webrip.720.ideafilm.srt leonardo.s01e05.webrip.720.ideafilm.srt leonardo.s01e06.webrip.720.ideafilm.srt leonardo.s01e07.webrip.720.ideafilm.srt leonardo.s01e08.webrip.720.ideafilm.srt
  11. DatDudeCee

    Subtitles for Sky UK shows

    I feel the same way...only about Viaplay shows, C-more tv series, NRK TV, and that new French One (Salty or Salto..I think). It's become harder to find the ACTUAL Shows online..and the SUBTITLES are even Harder to find. It's a shame too...cause it's a LOT of really good TV series outside Netflix that really deserve more recognition. I've downloaded so many Srt. Translation apps it's ridiculous.
  12. Heitor Gastin

    Subtitles for Fuglekrigen i Kanøfleskoven

    In Brazil we had a translated version of this film. Probably i'll buy it at mercadolivre.com.br
  13. I don't know if anyone else needs them, but after waiting for 100 days, here are the English raw subtitles for S11 Episodes 2, 3, 4 & 5. Subs for S11 Episodes 0 & 1 are here > https://www.addic7ed.com/season/1293/11 Not.Going.Out.S11E02.Pub_Quiz.srt Not.Going.Out.S11E03.Carol.srt Not.Going.Out.S11E04.Old Acquaintance.srt Not.Going.Out.s11E05.War.srt
  14. kvbrtn

    The Gulf season 2

    Episode 8 is out now.
  15. DatDudeCee

    Requesting Subs for Aallonmurtaja (aka Welcome to Texas)???

    Oh WoW...Hey Thank You so Much..I've been searching for Season 1 & 2 also. I'm surprised you even Found all of season 3. Please keep me updated if you find the other seasons. I'll post on here if I find them first..thanks again.
  16. clarinette2019


    Bonjour ! Je cherche les sous-titres en français de la série LEONARDO (2021 en 8 épisodes) J'ai téléchargé les épisodes en VO English. J'ai joint ci-joint les fichiers SRT en anglais. Je ne peux hélas pas me mettre à la traduction moi-même. Merci par avance aux traducteurs ! leonardo.s01e01.webrip.720.ideafilm.srt leonardo.s01e02.webrip.720.ideafilm.srt leonardo.s01e03.webrip.720.ideafilm.srt leonardo.s01e04.webrip.720.ideafilm.srt leonardo.s01e05.webrip.720.ideafilm.srt leonardo.s01e06.webrip.720.ideafilm.srt leonardo.s01e07.webrip.720.ideafilm.srt leonardo.s01e08.webrip.720.ideafilm.srt
  17. moose37

    Subtitles for Grand Designs

    Hello there, Can someone please share Season 19 (2018) subtitles if possible? Thanks a lot.
  18. Last week
  19. denisgrind


    Thank you Chile-Verde for the prompt subtitles. Also thanks chamallow and RowanEleven for your insights. I believed brief and simple was OK, but I will be more polite in future posts. Best Wishes!
  20. RowanEleven

    Irish series "Raw"

    I have never had anything so GENIUS! for subtitles!
  21. forgetit

    The Gulf season 2

    Resync for megusta, plus a bit of cleanup. Does still have some runaway durations. the.gulf.s02e08.720p.hevc.x265-megusta.srt
  22. MemoryOnSmells

    The Gulf season 2

    RAW subs The Gulf_2x08.srt
  23. chile-verde

    Irish series "Raw"

    The following example is using SubtitleEdit. 1) You can change the timing of an individual line of dialogue by changing their Start Time and Duration. or, 2) I find it easier to adjust the Start (blue line) and End (red line) Time in the waveform. Neither of these methods will change the rest of the timings.
  24. RowanEleven

    Irish series "Raw"

    I'll need help along the way though. What I'm doing now is inserting line breaks where two sentences are glued together. But I don't know how to shift individual timings. Some of the timings are correct, and some are out of sync. I can do the thing with shifting ALL of the text, but not one here and one there without screwing the lot up. Of course it would a lot easier to redownload movies files that belong to those particular subtitles... Then all I would have to take care of are the gluedtogether lines. So... does anyone have any info on some **** site for this series? Oh, any BTW, I ordered the DVD for Season One from Ireland. Due to Covid and all that, it will take quite some time to get here. When it does, I'll share the subtitles 😄
  25. RowanEleven

    Irish series "Raw"

    The subs are quite good, thank you! They need work though. I'm doing my best 😄
  26. forgetit

    The Gulf season 2

    Epsiode 8 today, seems like the last one. For this season anyway.
  27. NatalieinBaires

    Bëte noire (2021) canadian tv miniseries

    Hi to everybody/Salut a tous: I'm studying french and would like to know if there's subtitles in french (or english( for this canadian miniseries. Merci beaucoup a tous/Thank you very much. Natalie. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt14349792/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1
  28. forgetit

    churchill (2021)

    Thanks, I'll have a look. --- Edit 1: These do seem a lot better indeed. Looks like a different rip, timing is not the same. Speed seems ok. I'll sync them to MSD and post them back here. --- Edit 2: As promised, block resync and basic corrections. Line by line timing isn't quite perfect, but it should be watchable. churchill.2021.s01e01.beginnings.480p.x264-msd.srt churchill.2021.s01e02.the.long.grass.480p.x264-msd.srt churchill.2021.s01e03.a.gathering.storm.480p.x264-msd.srt churchill.2021.s01e04.path.to.victory.480p.x264-msd.srt
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