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  2. eggie1961

    Hetty Wainthropp Investigates Series 2

    Subs for S02E04 are up on addic7ed. https://www.addic7ed.com/serie/Hetty_Wainthropp_Investigates/2/4/The_Astral_Plane Thx Pindiu, for the corrections. I never realized he was Geoffrey and not Jeffrey, lol.
  3. Today
  4. marina2419

    Head High

    Hi! Can you upload the subtitles again, because it is unavailable.
  5. Pindiu

    Hetty Wainthropp Investigates Series 2

    Hi eggie1961 Fixed most of it, but there's still a few indistincts and one (???). Doesn't detract from the overall story though. Hope this helps Hetty Wainthropp Investigates 2x04 The Astral Plane.srt
  6. Pindiu

    Hetty Wainthropp Investigates Series 2

    On it eggie
  7. eggie1961

    Hetty Wainthropp Investigates Series 2

    Subs for S02E04.Hetty Wainthropp Investigates 2x04 The Astral Plane.srt Pindiu, if you please
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  9. forgetit

    Finding Alice Itv

    Here's episode one, timed and corrected. finding.alice.s01e01.720p.amzn.webrip.x264-galaxytv.srt finding.alice.s01e01.720p.hdtv.hevc.x265.rmteam.srt And some more. finding.alice.s01e02.720p.amzn.webrip.x264-galaxytv.srt finding.alice.s01e03.720p.amzn.webrip.x264-galaxytv.srt finding.alice.s01e04.720p.amzn.webrip.x264-galaxytv.srt finding.alice.s01e05.720p.amzn.webrip.x264-galaxytv.srt
  10. forgetit

    Finding Alice Itv

    They are on subscene and opensubtitles. Also this should probably be in requests/tv, plus it's a bit early. Edit: I've had a look at them, and they need some serious editing. Line by line syncing for starters.
  11. Martco

    Serie War Of The Worlds 1988

    Ben op zoek naar deze . Al overal gezocht (zelfs geen engelse subs op de orginele dvd's) Bestaat uit 2 seizoenen. Mvg,Martco.
  12. Vlamis

    Finding Alice Itv

    Can someone upload english subs for the new Itv Series ''Finding Alice'' Thanks befoehand they are so hard to find...
  13. kevin

    Concrete Plans (2020)

    Hi, everyone! I just see "Provided by ****galaxy.to, Find our official proxylist at https://proxygalaxy.pw" in this subtitle, is that the same for you, or do I just have this problem? I think GalaxyRG always shares fake subtitles, I've had these problems many times so far. Concrete.Plans.2020.720p.WEBRip.800MB.x264-GalaxyRG.srt
  14. Alex1

    Three Days In Odessa

    Hi everyone, I am after some English subtitles for the movie "Three Days In Odessa" from 2007, does anyone have these or know where I can get hold of them? Thanks, Alex
  15. Last week
  16. Laura

    La Promesse 2020 TF1

    Thank you @amiralis!
  17. chamallow

    Deleted shows and movies

    The ongoing show The Serpent is the latest addition. It will be added via direct links in this post.
  18. RowanEleven

    Raw CC's: Two Doors Down Christmas Special 2020

    You dear wonderful person! You've got me to the point, where if you say "jump!", I'll answer "how high?" teehee...
  19. mielb

    == CafΓ© Addic7ed ==

    πŸ˜₯ Bye-bye Bacri et merci !
  20. Bigshaker

    The World at War

    The World at War Eng Subtitles ep 1-26 srt 04 Alone (May 1940 – May 1941).eng.srt 25 Reckoning (April 1945).eng.srt 26 Remember.eng.srt 01 A New Germany (1933–1939).eng.srt 02 Distant War (September 1939 – May 1940).eng.srt 03 France Falls (May – June 1940).eng.srt 22 Japan (1941–1945).eng.srt 23 Pacific (February 1942 – July 1945).eng.srt 24 The Bomb (February – September 1945).eng.srt 21 Nemesis Germany (February – May 1945).eng.srt 11 Red Star The Soviet Union (1941–1943).eng.srt 12 Whirlwind Bombing Germany (September 1939 – April 1944).eng.srt 13 Tough Old Gut Italy (November 1942 – June 1944).eng.srt 14 It's A Lovely Day Tomorrow Burma (1942–1944).eng.srt 15 Home Fires Britain (1940–1944).eng.srt 16 Inside the Reich Germany (1940–1944).eng.srt 17 Morning (June – August 1944).eng.srt 18 Occupation Holland (1940–1944).eng.srt 19 Pincers (August 1944 – March 1945).eng.srt 20 Genocide (1941–1945).eng.srt 05 Barbarossa (June – December 1941).eng.srt 06 Banzai! Japan (1931–1942).eng.srt 07 On Our Way U.S.A. (1939–1942).eng.srt 08 The Desert North Africa (1940–1943).eng.srt 09 Stalingrad (June 1942 – February 1943).eng.srt 10 Wolf Pack U-Boats in the Atlantic (1939–1944).eng.srt
  21. forgetit


    They're up at subscene in two versions.
  22. hardofhearing


    Many thanks.
  23. kinglouisxx


    Hi. There's HULU.WEBRip-LAZY releases for the first 3 episodes that are out now. With embedded subs.
  24. RoySacher

    Coyote (2021)

    Thank you very much for doing the last episode too, forgetit! I really appreciate your work. πŸ™‚ The work of the rest of the team, of course, too. Cheers, Roy
  25. morpheus65535

    API for software usage

    @chamallow any news about this API? I have hundreds of users that are paying to bypass your captcha when they should be paying a flat fee to access your API. It would probably be less harmful then scraping your website (both for you and me). If I can help, let me know!
  26. forgetit

    Coyote (2021)

    Rmteam is a transcode of GGWP with unchanged embedded subs.
  27. chamallow

    Coyote (2021)

    Episode's done already and we've added all the translation lines, but thanks. We have the raw from ION10 as well as a base. I don't know if RMTeam and ION are compatible though.
  28. forgetit

    Coyote (2021)

    I already did a complete resync, so you're wasting your time.
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