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    • amay2001
      Hello Subsies Please help me out, I want The Widower NBC’s Three-Part True-Crime Docuseries English subtitles  IMBD Link : https://m.imdb.com/title/tt14026012/ Thanks n Regards AmAy P.S Attached subs files are not working in my episodes videos The.Widower.2021.S01E03.srt The.Widower.2021.S01E02.srt The.Widower.2021.S01E01.txt
    • chile-verde
      Found English subtitles for S02 but they're in idx/sub format from a dvdrip release. Let me know if you can use them.
    • JimF10
      Thanks very much also, I had looked at/in all the usual sub sites. Could the ones for season 2 be posted also? Thanks so much again.
    • Letton
      Salut tout le monde, je suis à la recherche de sous-titres français pour le film Wrong Turn (2021), merci à tous
    • bird
      "Need every word be translated? Sometimes the untranslated words might serve to remind us that language is not meaning, that intelligibility is an element of it only, a function. The untranslated word or name is not functional. It sits there. Written, it is a row of letters, which spoken with a more or less wild guess at the pronunciation produces a complex of phonemes, a more or less musical and interesting sound, a noise, a thing. The untranslated word is like a rock, a piece of wood. Its use, its meaning, is not rational, definite, and limited, but concrete, potential, and infinite. To start with, all the words we say are untranslated words." Ursula K. Le Guin, Always Coming Home
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