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    • gerom
      Bonjour,   je cherche les sous-titre français de la saison 2 de la série italienne: "Il Cacciatore" Helo, I’m looking for the French subtitles of season 2 of the Italian series: "Il Cacciatore"   Merci, Thank you
    • Vultural
      The Antique: Secret Of The Old Books - 2018 - 6/10 AKA - Biblia Koshodô no Jiken Techô  //  ビブリア古書堂の事件手帖 Condensation of several novels by En Mikami limits its focus to shopkeeper Shioriko, and her part time assistant, Daisuke. Possessing an encyclopedic knowledge of books, Shioriko struggles to keep her shop afloat, while fending off threats from an obsessive / psychopathic book collector. Daisuke’s story is more the mystery of his recently deceased grandmother, and her forbidden love affair. Shioriko, unfortunately, is underwritten.  Replace the constant book in her hands with a cellphone, and she would be any naval gazing soul of today, more interested in elsewhere than people in front of her. The grandmother’s story is set in 1964 during the Tokyo Olympics. Played by Kaho (Toyko Vampire Hotel), she is a ramen cook.  Full of life, and curiosity. Her relationship with a struggling writer is the emotional core of the movie. The modern story with the collector is forced and poorly done. A better experience might be Antiquarian Bookshop Biblia's Case Files from 2013. With 11 episodes, it offers a deeper, richer exploration of Mikami’s novels. https://www.sub-talk.net/topic/337-currently-viewing-recently-viewed/?do=findComment&comment=28799
    • Nancy_Fate
      Hi, I'd like to  know about the forum, I think I'd be suited for it. You can contact me through my email, I'd love to help out
    • Vultural
      Railroaded! - 1947 - 6/10 The masked goon, cocksure and aggressive, shoves the muzzle into the terrified doll’s face. She shrieks, a nearby cop on the beat rushes over, and the robbery skids into chaos. Hot lead spits across the room, leaving one dead policeman and a critically wounded thug. For what, Junior?  Knocking off a beauty salon. The other robber, the one who gets clean away, is a calculating block of ice. He sets up a patsy, an innocent schmuck, a rube, because he is wise and cynical about lawmen. He knows cops will embrace the frame, knows they are under pressure, knows they will railroad an innocent man in a breath. Then, while police push the stooge towards the gas chamber, he makes a play for the rube’s sister. Middling Noir starts strong and the finish is a tour de force.  In between, it shuffles indecisively. Mystery, police procedural, romance, thriller.  Blame the script, which cannot make up its mind. Best is John Ireland as the dead eyed villain, more interested in his gun than men or women. Much of this Anthony Mann film is quite dark (though later work would be darker), so view in a dimly lit room.
    • chile-verde
      Found English subs but they're all in CAPS. Hope this helps you. Cheers.S06.zip Cheers.S07.zip Cheers.S08.zip Cheers.S09.zip
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