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Found 76 results

  1. I need subtitles for the TV series Brasil: Filhas de Eva https://m.imdb.com/title/tt10616558/
  2. American_school

    Please join my Discord server

    Hi. I'm looking for people's help on several projects. That is subtitles for audio descriptive tracks of several TV shows. So I have created this Discord server. Can you guys come and join and help so that I can have all the work done. Besides we may collaborate on many other's titles. Hope you will come. Here is the link. https://discord.gg/PgnFSKfaSq
  3. Hi, I'm looking for English subtitles for this movie please. Thank you.
  4. Good morning. This is a Mini Series from Canada. Could anyone have english subtitles, spanish or french subtitles, for this miniseries? So far I havent found any. Thanks for your help. Laura.
  5. nightcrawler23

    Rawhide [1955] TV-Series

    Hello, I would like to request this please. Rawhide: Season 2 [DVDRip] Spanish subtitles Rawhide: Season 3 Season 15 [DVDRip] English subtitle Rawhide: Season 3 [DVDRip] Spanish subtitles Rawhide: Season 4 [DVDRip] Spanish subtitles Rawhide: Season 5 [DVDRip] Spanish subtitles Rawhide: Season 6 [DVDRip] Spanish subtitles Rawhide: Season 7 [DVDRip] Spanish subtitles Rawhide: Season 8 [DVDRip] Spanish subtitles Thank you
  6. unforgiven91

    Homeland italian subs

    I have to upload italian subs for homeland, but it says that only team members can. There's a way i can too please?
  7. Moiryn


    Hi everybody, I would like to ask if there are availabe english subtitles for new serie SPIDES created by SYFY. Thx. for info. Moiryn https://www.imdb.com/title/tt8629136/?ref_=nv_sr_srsg_0
  8. unforgiven91

    Homeland italian subs

    Hi. Regarding homeland, there are already the Italian subtitles of the seventh episode, but those of the sixth are missing. Why?                
  9. Eugen

    Subtitle search

    Hello, I'm in search of the subtitles to the following good movies: God's Outlaw -- The Story Of William Tyndale (1986) After The promise (1987) End Of The Harvest (1998) Can anybody help? Thank you.
  10. frsubtitles

    Request about French Subtitles

    Hi everyone I am looking desperately for several TV shows subtitles in french, perhaps you could help me find them ? I don't find subtitles for David Makes Man, Upright, Lodge 49 (Season 2), Cherish The Day, Back To Life, Year of the Rabbit, A Christmas Carol. If anyone knows where to find them, or wants to subtitle them, you would make me a happy man. Thanks
  11. Eugen

    SubSync problem

    Hello, Thanks to this forum, I got subtitles to "Me & You, Us, Forever," so long searched for. Now, another problem came up, how to synchronize them? I have Ubuntu 18.04 and VLC 4.0.0. Using VLC track synchronization, I made +135s delay correction, but that works for about 9.5 min only. The SubSync is simple, but doesn't work. The tool runs: "Subtitles not set." Please see the snap-shot attached. Any ideas? Thank you.
  12. Eugen

    Me & You, Us, Forever (2008)

    Hi there! I search for English subtitles to a good Christian movie "Me & You, Us, Forever" (2008). Or a copy of the latter with CC. Can anybody help? Thank you.
  13. Humana

    Wentworth s7 ep2 VOSFR

    Hello, Est-ce quelqu'un sait quand les sous-titres français seront ajoutés ? Merci aux traducteurs qui font un super boulot.
  14. Hi there! I've looked like crazy for this movie's subs and don't find them anywhere! It would be amazing if someone knew where to find them! Thanks a million! It's a swedish movie from 2006, really hard to find it as well...
  15. difool

    Taken Down subs

    Hi everyone, Would anyone have the Taken Down TV show subtitles to share, please ? Here's a link to the IMDB page. Many thanks in advance :-)
  16. maystevens

    People Just Do Nothing, Series 5

    Last Monday a new and final series of People Just Do Nothing has started on BBC3. I hope someone can upload the subtitles as has been done in all previous series. Thank you very much!!!!
  17. I would be very grateful if some kind person would upload these English subtitles, please. Thank you David
  18. petycris


    Hi! I was wondering if anyone has or is planning on posting the subtitles for the first episode of ITVs Butterfly. It was aired last sunday and the video is available since then. I already saw the episode but i'm really looking forward to translating it into spanish (which is my birth languaje, in case anyone was wondering about muy spelling) I don't mind waiting, I just want to know if anyone is doing it. Last but not least, I want to thank you all for all the hard work. I'm a team member of subtitulamos.tv, we always use your subtitles for translating porpuses and we try to be as considerate with your credits as we can, that's why we always try to give credit to the page, and some of us also try to give credit to the syncer itself.
  19. Requesting English subtitle for the Hallmark TV series, "Garage Sale Mystery: Pandora's Box" Aired: August 7, 2018 File Name: Garage Sale Mystery Pandoras Box (2018) HDTV 450MB I am deaf and hope this film gets captioned. Thank you.
  20. Request English Subtitles of these 3 Pakistan Dramas on Netflix: _ Sadqay Tumhare https://www.netflix.com/mz/title/80087348 _ Zindagi Gulzar Hai https://www.netflix.com/mz/title/80087078 _ Humsafar https://www.netflix.com/mz/title/80087347
  21. Hello, I would be grateful if anyone uploads english subtitles for the sixth season of Netflix' Voltron. The season consists of seven episodes, which were released last Friday. Here is an imdb link to the show - https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5580664/ Thank you.
  22. richardbrum

    Youth & Consequences (Youtube Redd)

    HEY! Can someone do the Youth and Consequences caption, please?
  23. v8129

    Hamlet (2018) BBC Subtitles

    Hi, please does anyone have the subtitles file for Hamlet (2018). It was on BBC Two on 31 Mar 2018. Thanks
  24. Nicca

    The Split BBC 2018

    Hi! Is there any chance to find the English subtitles for the new BBC series The Split? It would be great. Thank you in advance. Nicca
  25. gramfer


    Hi, guys! Are you going to make subs for new british TV show McMafia? Would you publish raw subs, if you weren't? Thanks a lot for your job.
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