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Found 5 results

  1. Allany


    Hi, everybody! I'm Allany, from Brazil. I like to create subtitles since 2009. This is a very nice community, I'm glad to be here.
  2. Hi, I'm Esperax ! I'm 18 years old and I'm from Belgium, so, it's possible to see mistakes in my presentation ! I'm an IT Scientist student in Belgium since this year (2015-2016). We can say I'm a gamer, sometimes a bit hardcore... But since two years, I'm looking a lot of series ! So, I discovered Addic7ed by Betaserie.com, a french site to order your series ! And now, I want try to help for translations ! I don't know if I'll stay a lot, I don't know how much time I'll spend, but I'm in ! Because we're in the context, there is my series top 3 : Banshee The 100 Blacklist Yeah, GoT isn't one ! So I hope I was understandable, I think so ! Cordially myself !
  3. Hi all ! yes Jack Sparreau, almost like the character of the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean"... but french one ;-) :-) So, you understand I'm french. I used to come on Addic7ed website since several months to download french subtitles for many tv shows we are watching at home, in alphabetical order : Bones Castle Dr Who Elementary Hawaï 5-O Midsomer murders Murdoch Mysteries NCIS (not Los Angeles) Person of interest Psych Sherlock The Big Bang Theory Unforgettable not so bad, isn't it ? Most of time I found what I'm looking for. But for some of these shows it's missing the french translation. So a week ago I decided to get into the translation. Starting from the english file, my first try is still in progress : Midsomer murders Let us prey 2nd episode of the running season (the 16th). I hope my "work" will be correct, as in the translation and in the respect of rules.
  4. Hello everyone I'm Tomoe, 21, french girl. During the day, I'm a professional Nanny, During the night, I can't stop watching series and playing video games I like very much the work done here so I thought I could I participate a little. I studied english, japanese and koran in university and after by myself at home. This is my first time joining a community online so i'm a bit shy right now ^^ See you.
  5. Hi lads, I am quite a big fan of US drama shows. I 've been following a couple of them throughout the years, like : 24 | Lost | Battlestar Galactica (favorite) | Homeland | Breaking Bad | Arrow | Game of thrones | Dexter | House of cards | Mad Men | Da Vinci code | Kabul Kitchen | Scandal | XIII And I think I can say I haven't missed one single episode of them. I have also started to watch lately Band of brothers and Boardwalk empire, but they do not look like as promising as my firsts. Fact is, I am kept entertained by these, and every time a show that I am following runs, I can't wait to see the next episode. And the epidemy has spread accross to my girlfriend who is now waiting with. Actually, I don't need any subtitles for myself - but my girlfriend does - so I guess what I am doing here is to give a little help to the french community when possible, mainly around the shows I am following above. So that's it for now I guess. I am sure we will be meeting again soon. Until then, have fun enjoying your favorite show nicely translated ! :-p All the best - kiteuf.
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