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Found 14 results

  1. MagicCaster

    Fix for Addic7ed's broken search

    It's been a while since addic7ed's search engine got broken (you have to search twice which is quite annoying). Today i finally decided to find a workaround and found this nice little add-on called "Redirector". You can redirect the broken search link to a correct link which solves the issue. Instruction 1. Install "Redirector" addon Firefox https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/redirector/ Chrome https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/redirector/ocgpenflpmgnfapjedencafcfakcekcd?hl=en 2. Create new redirect with following details. Description: Addic7ed Search Fix Example URL: http://www.addic7ed.com/srch.php?search=Wentworth Include pattern: http://www.addic7ed.com/srch.php?search=* Redirect to: http://www.addic7ed.com/search.php?search=$1 Pattern type: Wildcard 3. Save Enjoy searching on Addic7en
  2. Hello my dear Addic7s. We worked hard these last few month to speed up the website. I'm pretty happy with the results (1.8s load time, as I'm writing this). Since we got that off our back, we started rewriting everything from scratch (this includes code and design). Since we're around 80% (design) and 30% (code) done, think it's about time to ask for suggestions. What do you want? What do you expect from a subtitle website? What would make your life easier? We gathered a lot of suggestions in the past and we learned from our users a lot. Please share your suggestions in this thread. Can be anything we don't have and you'd like; or something that's currently incomplete or not working like you'd like. While we won't necessarily be able to reply at this stage, bear in mind that we will keep your suggestion in mind. Feel free to up vote posts by others, if you find them useful. Thank you!
  3. Hi I made a Dark theme for Addic7ed.com that fix also a few alignment of images and lines. Is made for Stylus extension on chrome or firefox: https://userstyles.org/styles/176282/dark-addic7ed Here a few images:
  4. I thought I might share this with others.​ ​I'm using uT​ and after an episode is finished downloading AND it is labeled "Series", I'm running a command line which automatically searched Addic7ed for available subtitles. In the uT​-option "Run this program when a file finishes" I've entered: ​​cmd /c IF %L==Series start "​" "http://www.addic7ed.com/search.php?search=%N" ​​​​What ​do​es it do?​​ Check if its label (%L) is Series. (IF %L==Series) O​​pen a brow​s​er​ (s​tar​t ""​) wi​​​​​​​​th​ the url "​http://www.addic7ed.com/search.php?search=%N" ​​%N is the ​title of the episod​​​​​e​s​ ​ file. "cmd /c" o​pens a CMD instance, executes the IF statement and closes the CMD instance again. ​This command li​ne should easily be able to be modified for other programs. ​​I hope this might​ be helpful to others.​​
  5. dickveevers

    Addic7ed reCapatcha V1 Is Shutdown

    Hi All, Looking to help a German friend. Unable to create new account, recaptacha showing as shutdown? "User dickveevers doesn't exist" Help appreciated Thanks/Danke
  6. DeafGuy1964

    Broken Tabs on Addic7ed website

    Can't find a tech sub-forum to report a problem with the addic7ed website. The Season tabs for Signed, Sealed & Delivered is broken, the Season 2 and 3 is not or is refusing to show them in order for me to gain access to a specific subtitle I wish to download. Can someone please be notified of this problem? Thank you in advance.
  7. [UDPATE: 2016.01.09, for version 1.2.1] Hi, If you are an avid online translator on Addic7ed, you should install this extension—used by Addic7ed French users for more than a year now—to your web browser. A7++ An add-on for Addic7ed translators developed by @HitOrRun and @accent Two Addic7ed French users DOWNLOAD (version 1.2.1) Version 1.2.1 — 2016.01.09 release, Firefox 43 and up compatible ​ : A7++_1.2.1_CHROME.crx — Double-click on the file, that's it. Or click in Chrome, select Settings then Extensions, drag and drop the file in that window. : A7++_1.2.1_FIREFOX.xpi — Click here to install: +Add to Firefox HOW TO SHORTEN YOUR TRANSLATION Some of you might already know those rules, but a reminder never hurt. Before translating, please understand the difference between a HI and a non HI subtitle. Remember that the purpose of a subtitle is not to deliver a literal translation of the original version. The audience, with the help of the sound, the acting, the images, can understand the nuances of a dialogue. A bad subtitle is when the audience is riveted to the text. In short, be short. For non HI translation: Interjections such as "oh, ah, eh, uh, ugh, ha, ho, ew, ouch, wow, hm, hm-mm, ha, boom, psht, phew, etc." are not to be translated. People can hear them. Repetition should not be emphasized. A sentence such as "No, no, no, no, no!" can be translated as little with only two nos: "No, no!" Basic English words such as "OK, yes, yeah, no, hi, hello" can also be discarded. They are universal in most countries. Names of character can be discarded after one or two appearances at the beginning of an episode, and when they are clearly understandable by ear. For HI and non HI translation: Phatic expressions such as "I mean, so, just, like, well, now, yeah, but, I think, you know, you see, and, alright, right, etc."can also be discarded, especially when they are at the beginning of a sentence, "Yeah, but what do you want?" becomes"What do you want?" Hesitation, unless meaningful, are to be discarded: "I--I think I just have to do it" becomes "I think I just have to do it" or as demonstrated in the previous point: "I have to do it." ​ You have to be able to deliver accurate translation without being literal, being able to rephrase a meaning is important: Example 1: - I mean, you know, it's just that, hum, I--I love you. can become: - But I love you. Example 2: Let's say we need to shorten this translation : - Let me remind you that the body has been found near Bayside's marina. The first step would be to do this: - We found the body near Bayside's marina. If the audience already know that they're talking about a body, it can become: - We found it near Bayside's marina. Now, if we still need to shorten the sentence, we need to proceed to a loss of information. The question would be which information is needed to remain comprehensible? The fact that the body has been found near the water (marina)? Or the fact that it was near Bayside? Of course, it will depend on the context. In the end, it could become: - We found it near the marina or - We found it at Bayside. Good luck!
  8. Hoseinfm

    What's with the title

    Hi everyone! I recently joined Addic7ed.com. I'm both interpreter and translator from English to Farsi and vise versa but I still couldn't find out what the title of this site means(no mean to me) Can someone elaborate on this for me. The way it pronounces and what does it mean?! Sincerely, Hossein
  9. Bonsoir à tous, Je viens juste de m'inscrire sur le site Addic7ed et j'aimerai savoir comment s'en servir, créer des sous-titres français pour les séries anglaises. Enfin savoir comment on le télécharge puis on crée les sous-titres... Merci. Bonne soirée.
  10. Hello, For a few weeks now, I am unable to download subs on Addic7ed. Firefox keeps telling me that a script is not responding. Regardless of what I choose (close the script, wait, etc.), nothing happens and I am unable to downloads subs. Worse, the open Addic7ed page makes my browser unresponsive and sluggish. I am forced to close the Addic7ed page (if I can) or even the whole browser. On Chrome, I still am unable to download subs. Again, I have problems with scripts and Addic7ed keeps trying to open a page to a site called tvhoard.com. This is what Addic7ed opens in a new browser in Chrome: data:text/html,<html><head><script>window.location.href%3D'about%3Ablank'%3B<%2Fscript><%2Fhead><%2Fhtml> I'm guessing all my ad blockers are causing issues? I'm guessing Addic7ed is trying to force some kind of pop-up or redirect me somewhere? Can anybody tell me now to get rid of this problem without deactivating my adblocker? Thanks.
  11. * In order to clarify some of your questions... * Addic7ed being down is not (no, really, it`s not!) an April Fools Day. * We have nothing in common with TVSubtitles (except they get all our subs.. but that's another story). I decided to shut down the website because, as you noticed lately the browsing quality decreased. Few were able to browse and even fewer were able to download. There was a vast majority that couldn't access the website due to big loading times or different errors. You may say waiting to load is better than nothing... but it's not (imo at least). We grew in both page views and content (for those that really want to know technical details out database became too large and well, the code is a mess... you know where that leads to ). The solution i'm working on proves to be way faster (and well, resource friendly). It is just a temporary solution in order to get the website up and running fast. For those that said about us lying regarding this matter (and other hate mail / messages i got) my advice is to go look for your subs in another place. In the end we do this for fun and for the people that care about us. Think this will clear most of the things. There is no coming back date but it may take a while (don't expect we'll be back tomorrow, but we won't be back in May either). Not much to say, i'll keep you updated when important things happen. Oh, and big thanks to all your happy thoughts, hang in there addic7s!
  12. alextrem


    Buna ziua! Pentru mine acesta este cel mai bun site de subtitrari deoarece ofera posibilitatea tuturor utilizatorilor de a se implica în traduceri. Chiar daca unii nu respecta regulile(din inconstienta), sunt multe traduceri de calitate. Ma întristeaza faptul ca popularitatea acestui site în rândul siteurilor de titrari este redusa. Astfel munca depusa de traducatori este în van daca nu are cine sa o aprecieze. Rugamintea mea este sa gasim împreuna o modalitate de a spori popularitatea acestui site în rândul românilor, marind atât numarul de vizitatori cât si cel de traducatori, prin îndemnarea si ghidarea traducatorilor începatori în procesul traducerii. As fi bucuros sa primesc raspuns de la DrJackson, liderul traducatorilor români de pe addic7ed.com . Va urez tuturor traduceri placute. Alex. P.S.: Ar fi frumos sa putem folosi pe forum toate diacriticile, nu numai "î".
  13. O haidere! TwiztedZero is the name, Place it on it's side and it's the symbol meaning... Infinity! I'm one of them sci-fi & fantasy geek sorts that messes with everythign and anything from pc building - repairs - a little scripting - some coding - jack of all trades master of none. Been at it for a little over two decades and showing no signs of slowing down. I'm a frequent user of XBMC(hub) for **** my shows while multitasking and doing other things around the house when I'm not otherwise engaged with work and IRL activities you'll find me on various IRCd's & Forums all over the place. The eyecandy of HDTV & Streaming is a fairly big part of my life, you see I'm one of those Deaf fellers with the wild flashing hands and energetic spatial classifiers, intense blazing eyes, and as such "TV is my Radio" so I pretty much almost always have something on one of my to keep me company or edutained when I'm at my keyboard(s). And so, closed captions and subtitles are a fairly everyday make or break from my perspective when it comes to visual media. I'm always ever so thankful to all the people who put out subtitles for without them the internets and all their **** would be for naught. Nice ta meetcha's as we move through this lemniscate called life! Cheers ~Twizted~
  14. I´m having a hard time figuring out how to download subtities on my ipad from addic7ed. In safari i can get to see the source, but it is quite impossible to select all the sub to copy/paste it into a text editor. That is also cumbersome. The so-called total/awesome/ultra/all downloader apps don´t work. Even "Documents". Does anybody know how to get them?
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