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Found 1 result

  1. [UDPATE: 2016.01.09, for version 1.2.1] Hi, If you are an avid online translator on Addic7ed, you should install this extension—used by Addic7ed French users for more than a year now—to your web browser. A7++ An add-on for Addic7ed translators developed by @HitOrRun and @accent Two Addic7ed French users DOWNLOAD (version 1.2.1) Version 1.2.1 — 2016.01.09 release, Firefox 43 and up compatible ​ : A7++_1.2.1_CHROME.crx — Double-click on the file, that's it. Or click in Chrome, select Settings then Extensions, drag and drop the file in that window. : A7++_1.2.1_FIREFOX.xpi — Click here to install: +Add to Firefox HOW TO SHORTEN YOUR TRANSLATION Some of you might already know those rules, but a reminder never hurt. Before translating, please understand the difference between a HI and a non HI subtitle. Remember that the purpose of a subtitle is not to deliver a literal translation of the original version. The audience, with the help of the sound, the acting, the images, can understand the nuances of a dialogue. A bad subtitle is when the audience is riveted to the text. In short, be short. For non HI translation: Interjections such as "oh, ah, eh, uh, ugh, ha, ho, ew, ouch, wow, hm, hm-mm, ha, boom, psht, phew, etc." are not to be translated. People can hear them. Repetition should not be emphasized. A sentence such as "No, no, no, no, no!" can be translated as little with only two nos: "No, no!" Basic English words such as "OK, yes, yeah, no, hi, hello" can also be discarded. They are universal in most countries. Names of character can be discarded after one or two appearances at the beginning of an episode, and when they are clearly understandable by ear. For HI and non HI translation: Phatic expressions such as "I mean, so, just, like, well, now, yeah, but, I think, you know, you see, and, alright, right, etc."can also be discarded, especially when they are at the beginning of a sentence, "Yeah, but what do you want?" becomes"What do you want?" Hesitation, unless meaningful, are to be discarded: "I--I think I just have to do it" becomes "I think I just have to do it" or as demonstrated in the previous point: "I have to do it." ​ You have to be able to deliver accurate translation without being literal, being able to rephrase a meaning is important: Example 1: - I mean, you know, it's just that, hum, I--I love you. can become: - But I love you. Example 2: Let's say we need to shorten this translation : - Let me remind you that the body has been found near Bayside's marina. The first step would be to do this: - We found the body near Bayside's marina. If the audience already know that they're talking about a body, it can become: - We found it near Bayside's marina. Now, if we still need to shorten the sentence, we need to proceed to a loss of information. The question would be which information is needed to remain comprehensible? The fact that the body has been found near the water (marina)? Or the fact that it was near Bayside? Of course, it will depend on the context. In the end, it could become: - We found it near the marina or - We found it at Bayside. Good luck!
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