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Found 13 results

  1. sundaydiver

    The Sweeney 1975

    British police series with John Thaw. 4 seasons during 1975 to 1978. English subtitles are kindly requested IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/...ref_=fn_al_tt_2
  2. Hi everyone! I have been watching a lot of QM productions! (Quinn Martin) Great shows like "The Fugitive" "The FBI" "Barnaby Jones." And of course "Cannon." Currently I can only find Season 1, Episodes 1-22 and 24. If someone could help me find more RAW text, Alternate languages, or something to work with. (Other than a waveform and my ears.) That would be great! I would start another thread for "The FBI" and "Barnaby Jones." I can't find anything for The FBI, and only S1 of Barnaby Jones. But one thing at a time. Maybe some scripting can find the "x264 Web" version of Cannon. Thanks in advance if you find anything!
  3. Hello, Can someone please create English subtitles for this turkish show called "Acil Ask Araniyor" meaning "Emergency Love" ? All the episodes of the show are available on Youtube on this channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6w37ffLootwTJBNCn-nx8w "Bolum" means Episode in Turkish. So if you have to search on youtube, you can "name of the show bolum (episode) *number*" like Acil Ask Araniyor Bolum 1 or Acil Ask Araniyor Bolum 2 and so on. I'd really appreciate you creating subs for this show. Thank you.
  4. Looking for English subtitles for: Das.Spinnennetz.1989.German.1080p.BluRay.x264-THEORY​ https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0098370/
  5. vuun0

    Magnifica 70 Season 1,2,3

    Are you planning to do english subtitles for Magnifica 70 TV show its 3 seasons have been released. please do translation for this tv series its available on channel 4 but cant watch from Pakistan and the same case is with HBO Go. Its actually released under the banner of HBO Latino. here is IMDB link for this show https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4725820/
  6. saiwunna

    10 days in a madhouse(2015)

    Hello Everyone I'm here to request " 10 days in a madhouse 2015 " movie's english subtitle with x264 I really really need this english subtitles I've been searched all subtitles websites but nothing found this Plz help me and reply me thank you buddy
  7. Request English Subtitles of these 3 Pakistan Dramas on Netflix: _ Sadqay Tumhare https://www.netflix.com/mz/title/80087348 _ Zindagi Gulzar Hai https://www.netflix.com/mz/title/80087078 _ Humsafar https://www.netflix.com/mz/title/80087347
  8. Hey, I was wondering that if I will be able to get synced subtitles for this particular release from S02E08 onwards. Someone has already made subtitles for all the episodes of S01 plus the first seven episodes of S02 (i.e., up to S02E07). If anyone among you would be kind enough to make synced subtitles for the rest of the series or even the rest of the second season (for the time being) for this particular release and share them , that'll be a huge help. I am an absolute noob when it comes to syncing subtitles and only signed up here to make a post. Any help would be highly appreciated. Here are the links for to individual seasons for the concerned release-
  9. Hi people! I would like to know if someone, who's kind enough, could create the english subtitles or french for the movie Saphirblau? That would be awesomely kind and generous of you! Thank you so much, in advance! Chaima586 Ps: I already checked a lot of subtitles bases and **** sites...
  10. titta

    Agatha Christie

    Hello, Dream Team! First of all, thank you so much for your extremely fast and excellent work, I really don't know how you do it (don't you sleep?! =) ). And I have a question - maybe I misunderstood - but, in the post of yesterday in the main site, I've read "Addic7ed subtitles are only uploaded on Addic7ed.com by us (the team)" - does that mean that from now on I can't upload my Agatha Christie subtitles? My work is very irregular and I can't promise when I have something ready, Because of poor health, sometimes it takes a few weeks, but it can take months. I live one day at a time, and even so, isn't life beautiful and worth living =)? But when I finish a job, I assure you can rely on it! (Before I got sick, I used to work as a translator, and I'm proud to say I was good and fast, back then...). So, back to the present, as I once said to 'honneybunny' (how are you?), I had intention to make subtitles from scatch to Poirot and I'm still far from the end. May I go on uploading, (I can even give up the credit), or... that's final? All the best for you, titta
  11. Can anybody help me please????? I need English Subtitles for [Pod.Prikritie.S01.iNTERNAL.WebRip.XviD-TRiC]. This is a bulgerian tv serial. IMDB rating 9.5 :wacko: :wacko: :wacko: :( :unsure: :unsure: :unsure:
  12. gnawzguz

    Forbrydelsen Ill Episode 9,10

    I have been watching Forbrydelsen III. Topnotch drama! Sarah Lund never disappoints me. The best of three seasons, I think Until now, 8 Episodes have been aired, And I have watched 6 episodes with english subtitles so far. Sadly,I couldn't watch episode 7 without engish subtitles. It's been 10 days since episode 7 was aired. Will there be episode 7 english subtitles appearing soon? It is due to be launched 8 December 2012 in BBC Four. :wacko:
  13. Hi...im looking for whose line is it anyway(USA) subtitles in english...I have looked all over the internet and couldnt find it anywhere I reallly love this show..but sometimes some of the gags i end up missing because of the american accent...i would really appreciate if you guys would take notice of this request and upload subtitles of all the episodes(8 seasons in total) in ENGLISH soon as possible...thanx here is the link for **** - link removed Anyone else who wants to see this happening please join me so that uploades can see that its just not me who wants this...and there are many people who have been waiting for this.. P.S-. I AM NEW TO THIS SITE...IF POSTING THE LINK FOR A TORRENT IS ILLEGAL/AGAINST THE RULES THEN IM VERY SORRY..IT IS AN HONEST MISTAKE...WHICH IM STILL MAKING SO AS TO GIVE UPLOADERS EXACT FILES...AND I CAN GET IN SYNC SUBTITLES...THANK YOU..
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