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  1. something the so and so

    Jungledyret hugo english subtitles

    I purchased a dvd of all three Jungledyret Hugo movies in their original language: danish. However, none of them have subtitles. If anyone is fluent in danish or knows where I can find english subtitles for all of these movies, please let me know. My top priority is finding english subtitles for the second one; Jungledyret Hugo 2 den store filmhelt, but I would still like to find subs for all three of them.
  2. ChuckBrown

    I Spy 1965-1968 English Sub Request

    Hey there everyone! I am currently resyncing another TV show into 25fps. (The Sweeney) I have been looking for/ planning to make English subtitles for "I Spy" from 1965-1968. @ 23.976fps Any help making them or finding text/srt files, would be very much appreciated. I know it has no original CC... But perhaps there is something out there. Or we can work together to make 82 new subtitles! Or I'll do it by hand eventually! I really enjoy this TV series... Over and over! Thank you in advance for any response.
  3. Alphard

    Staged Season 3 English Subtitles

    Hi, everyone. đź‘‹ I'm looking for english subtitles from Staged Season 3. The BRTB SMURF and BRTB ION10 versions don't include subs. There's any chance somebody have them? Thanks in advance.
  4. Spiff1978

    Chemsex (2015)

    Hi everyone ! I'm French and new... I'm looking for subtitles for the excellent documentary "Chemsex". I only found a spanish version but subtitles are burnt into the video and I don't speak Spanish... I hope we could find an English version and then start to translate it in French... Regards
  5. Hey everyone I've been watching a bit of McCloud from the 70's... Some of my DVDrip files have Eng, subs built in... Season 2 has all of them. Season 1 is missing 4. Season 3 is missing at least 1. I am currently ripping the subs from the files, and making SRTs to put on OpenSubtitles. So I'll place a link to them here when I'm done uploading. If anyone can help me find the text from various episodes that would be great. Thanks. Edit: I uploaded the majority of them. Still missing: The Pilot: Portrait of a dead girl/Who killed miss USA?, Season 1 Episode 4,5,6. Season 3 Episode 1 and the "special/movie?" The return of Sam McCloud. https://www.opensubtitles.org/en/ssearch/sublanguageid-eng/idmovie-120225
  6. Hi, I'm looking for English subtitles for this movie please. Thank you.
  7. I would be very grateful if some kind person would upload these English subtitles, please. Thank you David
  8. johnny mccain

    English subtitle for My Tutor (1983)

    please, if anyone have english sub. Thanks https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0085980/
  9. hello guys i'm looking for english subtitle for Gabriel's Inferno Part II (2020), I've been looking everywhere but can't find it, if you have one I hope you can share it with me thank you
  10. Hi, looking for english subtitles for this excellent documentary on the search for justice by survivors of the Franco dictatorship. No english soundtrack (that I have found) El Silencio De Otros [BluRay Rip 720p X264 MKV][AC3 2.0 Castellano][2019]
  11. EewoxKid


    Hi. Does anyone have the ENGLISH subs for the following episodes of Witchblade, please? Thank you. Witchblade - S02E08 - Hierophant - DVDRip 960x540 DD2 0 Witchblade - S02E09 - Veritas - DVDRip 960x540 DD2 0 Witchblade - S02E10 - Parabolic - DVDRip 960x540 DD2 0 Witchblade - S02E11 - Palindrome - DVDRip 960x540 DD2 0 Witchblade - S02E12 - Ubique - DVDRip 960x540 DD2 0
  12. nightcrawler23

    Rawhide [1955] TV-Series

    Hello, I would like to request this please. Rawhide: Season 2 [DVDRip] Spanish subtitles Rawhide: Season 3 Season 15 [DVDRip] English subtitle Rawhide: Season 3 [DVDRip] Spanish subtitles Rawhide: Season 4 [DVDRip] Spanish subtitles Rawhide: Season 5 [DVDRip] Spanish subtitles Rawhide: Season 6 [DVDRip] Spanish subtitles Rawhide: Season 7 [DVDRip] Spanish subtitles Rawhide: Season 8 [DVDRip] Spanish subtitles Thank you
  13. csjjpm

    War of the Worlds(2019) S01E05

    All the SRT files out there don't have a sub for the spoken English. Example is at 3:12 when French is spoken but there is nothing in the sub file. Episodes E01-E04 are okay, don't know about 6-8 thank you
  14. Hi, please could somebody help me find English subtitles for Ich Gehore Ihm https://m.imdb.com/title/tt6210126/ I have searched for around 6 months for these and they still haven’t come up anywhere on the internet. If anybody could help me with this I would greatly appreciate it. Cheers
  15. Request English Subtitle for Runaway Millionaires 2019 File Name: runaway.millionaires.2019.720p.hdtv.hevc.x265 Size 377MB
  16. CM2009

    Lorena (TV documentary series)

    Hello! I would like to request english subtitles for the TV documentary series Lorena, more specifically the following episodes: Lorena - 01x02 - Woman in Trouble Lorena - 01x03 - An Irresistible Impulse Lorena - 01x04 - The Cycle of Abuse Thank you!
  17. Hi there! I've looked like crazy for this movie's subs and don't find them anywhere! It would be amazing if someone knew where to find them! Thanks a million! It's a swedish movie from 2006, really hard to find it as well...
  18. Ukrainian TV series available for free on Youtube. English subtitles were available for the first season but unfortunately not for the second. Original language is Russian.See the playlist below, it contains the 24 episodes.
  19. Kindly requesting English subtitle for Along With The Gods: The Last 49 Days (2018) https://www.imdb.com/title/tt8116428/ please if possible.
  20. Requesting English subtitle for the Hallmark TV series, "Garage Sale Mystery: Pandora's Box" Aired: August 7, 2018 File Name: Garage Sale Mystery Pandoras Box (2018) HDTV 450MB I am deaf and hope this film gets captioned. Thank you.
  21. Winfree

    Skyscraper (2018)

    Kindly requesting English SRT subtitle for https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5758778/ Skyscraper (2018) for boSkyscraper.2018.720p.HC.HDRIP.X264.AC3-EvO[EtHD].mkv.mp4 version if possible please, thanks.
  22. Hi guys. I'm looking for english or spanish subs for this film: Mulher.do.Pai.2016.720p.HDTVRip.x264-gooz So far I've found none at all. Thank you so much for your help! Andy
  23. Hi guys. I need subtitles in either english or spanish for this movie: Une.vie.ailleurs.2017.HDTV.720p.x264-BulIT I searched everywhere, but only found subs in bulgarian. Thanks a lot for your time and effort! Andy
  24. Hi guys. I need subtitles in either english or spanish for this movie: De.Standhaftige.2016.DANiSH.720p.WEB-DL.DD5.1.H.264-ROLLiT I searched everywhere, but only found subs in other languages. Thanks a lot for your time and effort! Andy
  25. Hi Please, make an english subtitles of the movie 'The prince and the pauper', TV movie, 2000 (directed by Giles Foster). Thank You
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