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  1. alex28

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Addic7ed.com Official FAQ Keep in mind this FAQ assumes you have "English" as default site language 1. Previously on Addic7ed A. What is addic7ed.com? Addic7ed.com is the source for most English TV subtitles on the internet. You can’t (and never will) find any video files here. Google is your friend on this one. The Addic7ed team provides ENGLISH subtitles, NOT translations. Our subs have our logo (or flag) next to them, that's how you'llrecognize them. Translations aren't done by us but by regular users like you do. No need to ask us for them. B. Why subtitles? We like helping people. Hearing impaired people can benefit (a lot!) from subtitles, and we’re glad to do our part in helping them. C. How can I keep in touch with Addic7ed? You can find us on Facebook , Twitter , our official IRC channel (#addic7ed on EFNet) and of course, the Sub-Talk forums. D. How much does it cost? Addic7ed.com is a free service and will stay that way... however donations are always welcomed and rewarded with VIP status (read more about VIP below). They help us pay for the servers, and are the basis for our future redesign. You can support via Patreon for a monthly donation, via Bitcoin, or Paypal (contact us in private for the last two methods). E. What makes Addic7ed great? We are dedicating our time to provide quality subtitles in the shortest time possible. During the last three four five six seven eight nine ten years, we have developed guidelines for subtitle production and correction that help us, and anyone willing, in reaching our goal. We are open to your feedback in order to improve and perfect them. We welcome online translations / corrections: Members and users can correct a mistake they spot in a subtitle and the file will be instantly updated on the server, for anyone to download. That’s why you might see ”Most updated” on some files (more on this later). F. Who makes it possible? People behind Addic7ed are awesome! No, really, they are. They’re volunteers too, meaning they do subtitles (even for shows they don’t watch) in their spare time, for free. People who upload our subtitles with our flag are official team members. This means they follow our team guidelines (when correcting, syncing etc). However, everyone can participate and improve subtitles (and we encourage all to do so) if they see some mistakes in the text itself. G. Why does your layout bring me back memories of the 90’s? Well, I agree with you. Graphics aren’t our thing... There were a few attempts to fix this, and they failed miserably. There’s a new thing in the works (again! and again!) that might bring Addic7ed to 2018 looks. H. Why are you against subtitle requests? We have a lot on our minds (and schedule) already. We usually know what we have to release and we have a timeline for it. However, release times might vary.. so what today was released at 3PM, next week might be released at 8PM. As said above, we’re doing it in our free time and that doesn’t have a schedule. Requesting files won’t speed the process. Our motto is “when it’s done”, and most of the time, it’s been “done”. By all means, thank the sub-makers and, when it happens, report any problems, but: Do NOT make requests for shows we do (those who have our logo), no matter how many days! Use the SubTalk Forums for special requests only. Do NOT make requests for leaked episodes. Maybe they'll be done, maybe they won't. Most likely, you'll have to wait for the airing. Do NOT make requests for translations. They're made by users like you. If users don't have time, there won't be any translations. So you either participate, wait, or keep your hands away from your keyboard. Anyone requesting translations over and over will be banned. Do NOT post video links or refer to websites that contain video links for episodes. Try Google. Do NOT post links to other sites for episodes we haven't done yet, or complain that some episode is on XXX site. Wait patiently (and in silence is even better). Do NOT discuss shows or episodes - use the SubTalk Forums. You can give your opinion, but don't turn the comments page into a detailed analysis of an episode. Do NOT post spoilers. Do NOT ask or whine about why it's taking so long, or any variation of it. Doing so repeatedly may result in a ban. Syncers do have a life outside of Addic7ed. If you want to know if a sub will work with a particular episode/release, why not download it and try it? (It's quicker than asking about it.) Above all, respect the Addic7ed team, staff, and all users; abuse or discourtesy will result in a ban. 2. General Subtitle questions A. When does “X” subtitle come out? Please read above. The “Why are you against subtitle requests” answer pretty much explains it. B. Why do some subs take time to be released/are released late? First of all, let’s define late. When I started watching TV shows (and Addic7ed was not even a domain name) I waited 1-2 days (even 2 weeks for Psych subtitles) for some subtitles to be uploaded to subtitle websites... and even that wasn’t “late”. We’re all humans and we do it in our free time. No free time =/= no fast release. C. Why do I often see a lot of mistakes and misspelled words in translation? (made on site)? Addic7ed.com has a "wikipedia like" feature. That means anyone with an account can translate a subtitle online. The good thing is, the more people work on a file, the faster it’s done... unfortunately the downside is that some people might make spelling mistakes. We’re constantly trying to correct such mistakes, by relying on our moderators. But we need your help to do it. Whenever you see errors in subtitles, please try to correct the file yourself or click the Report button so that moderators can do their job properly and check what has been done. However, keep in mind that they too have a life. D. I just uploaded 185 episodes of this cool series “El Chavo del Ocho” from 1978. Why you guys removed it from “New Releases”? Well, no argument there. “El Chavo del Ocho” was probably a good series, and our website layout might look like it’s 1990 all over again, but the “New releases” section is only used for shows that aired “recently” (in human time, that means ~1 week). 3. Users and general website questions A. Why do I need an account? You can take full advantage of our services without having an account... however there are some limitations for visitors: Can’t post comments / send PM Can’t upload subtitles Can’t translate online / edit online Can’t have a list of shows and episodes you’ve watched over time Can’t make personal RSS and follow shows you’re expecting subtitles for (more on this below) You’re limited to 15 files / 24 hours (more on this below) Signing up is free and lifts most of the above limits. B. I registered but I can't log in. Now what? First, you can only create one account. So, if you already used your email in the past to create one, you can't do it again. If you don't remember your old account, or can't log in now, just visit the contact page, send me an email with your username you tried to register and we'll fix the problem. If you have an activation problem after clicking the activation email, try to log in. If it works fine, forget about the activation, it's not always necessary. C. I'm registered but I can't translate, edit or comment. Why? In order to do all of the above, you'll need to wait a few days. We set a limit for new users to avoid trolls. Don't ask how long it takes, we won't say. If you've been a user for more than a few days and can't do the above, then you've likely been blocked from translation by the moderation. Check your private messages. D. Which are the user classes? There are 3 classes you can obtain without much effort: Unregistered - Just visit the website Registered - Register, login into your account VIP - Obtained via participating in VIP giveaway contests, being a helpful member of the community or donating (one possible way is via Patreon and if you prefer PayPal, please contact us directly). There is no minimal amount required. Other classes are: Team Member - Official team members (can be trusted uploaders, etc). Privileges: VIP+ Moderator - Keeping the website clean and tidy. Privileges: Team Member+ Administrator - All of the above... They're the big bosses. Don't mess with them. They bite. Users can be promoted to Moderator if they prove to be worthy. Users can apply to Team Member (more about that later). E. What are the privileges you’re talking about? Registered - Has an increased download limit to 40 subtitles / 24 hours Can post comments / send PM. Start online translations and (or) edit files. Can download subtitle packs. Can add 10 shows to “Favorites” or keep track of shows he/she is following. (currently unavailable) Can mark episodes as “Watched” to keep track of shows / episodes viewed. (currently unavailable) VIP - Has an increased download limit to 80 subtitles / 24 hours, Can do all of the above including unlimited number of shows as “Favorites”. (currently unavailable) Can feel good about themselves for helping the community. Is awesome just because he writes comments with a blue font. F. Download limits? Not sure I like it! We’re talking 50Kb files here. You’re right. However, the download limit serves its purpose. The Addic7ed code had lots of optimizations done to better handle the download system. We have about 3 million downloads per month, so limits had to be enforced. This also prevented bots from mass downloading subtitles. I think the 40 files / 24 hours is a pretty reasonable limit for normal users. Limit may increase in time, so this values might change. Keep in mind download resets in 24 hours. If you download a file now, it will disappear from your limit 24 hours from now, not at 12AM tonight. G. How do I check my limits? Go to your “Panel“. You’’ find the limit in the information box there (Downloads today section). Clicking that will show you some detailed info about your last downloads. H. I downloaded a subtitle but the website counted 3 downloads, instead of one. What’s up with that? You’re most probably running a Download Manager / Accelerator. Please try disabling it and download a file. Should all work great after that. If your software supports it, make a rule to disable it on Addic7ed. I. I donated but my account has not yet been updated to VIP The only reason is because you have to warn us after you make a donation, if you haven't specified your username. Just send an email to chamallow@addic7ed.com with your PayPal email or transaction ID and your Addic7ed.com username and it will be updated as soon as possible. J. How do I manage my account? You can click the “My Panel” button on top of every page. You will find there settings such as change password, set gender, hide online status, or subtitle specific settings like remove italics (read below). K. How do I get an avatar? Well, this one is rather simple. Go to Gravatar.com and assign an avatar to your email address. It will automatically be updated on Addic7ed too (if you used the same email address when you registered your account). 4. General Website Features A. What’s “Shows I’ve watched”? Ever wondered how many shows you saw or how much time you spent viewing them? Well, that’s it. Just add shows / episodes you have watched to the list and you’ll get some interesting data out of it. Visit the episode page on Addic7ed and tick ”Viewed” or go to ”Air Dates” and look for a show to ”bulk view” entire seasons with one click. B. I can’t seem to find my way around the website! Addic7ed is very, very! easy to use. Unlike other websites, we have show pages and episode pages. Here’s an example of a show page and here’s one of an episode page . As you can see, the episode page has all the subtitles for that episode in one place (all versions, all languages). There are 3 ways you can find subtitles on the website: By using Quick Search dropdown - It lists all the shows we have. Click to open the list and start typing the first characters of the show; for example, typing “Priso” would most likely jump you to “Prison Break”. By using the search box - Pretty self explanatory. By visiting “Browse” located on top of every page - Call this the “advanced” quick search if you want C. How to upload files? This may be a little confusing at first, but trust me, once you do it 1-2 times you’ll find it simple. As explained above, we have episode pages. When you upload a subtitle for an episode that doesn’t exist (search every time before you upload anything) you must use the “Upload” button located on top of every page. This will create an episode page for the show you selected, with your subtitle as the first uploaded for that episode. To upload a subtitle for an episode that already exists, go to the episode page and click “Upload a new version” located at the bottom of the file list (and above the episode comments). A new version can be either another resync, a corrected file or a different language. Reminder: You can't create an episode for shows that we do. It means that if you try, the show in the dropdown menu will be greyed out. You're not authorized to upload it. You'll have to wait until our English subtitles are ready, and we create the episode. Trying to bypass our systems may result in a ban. D. Is there rules to follow regarding how subtitles should be? Yes, there are. We don't accept raw subtitles on our site, which means that if subtitles have no corrections at all, we will delete them. They must be: - NO MACHINE TRANSLATED SUBS ON OUR SITE. - in capitalized case (names ought to be capitalized, no capitalization after commas or at the beginning of each new sequence...) - they don't contain long lines. Try to split them in half if they're very long. The team splits lines longer than 40. It's easier to read and doable in a few seconds with softwares like Subtitle Workshop, Subtitle Edit, Aegisub… But we don't split them in half if they're below 40 characters per line. Valid for non dialogue lines mainly. In any case, a single line of 70 characters for example, that's not readable. Keep it short, evenly, readable. Example: Sequence 1 In the meantime, we're trying to hold the regime in Khartoum change it to: Sequence 1 In the meantime, we're trying to hold the regime in Khartoum - split sequences with long lines. Make it two lines on one sequence instead of a very long one. - no more than 2 lines per sequence for non dialogue lines. Same as above, split them so it's modified to 2 lines per sequence: Example: Sequence 1 In the meantime, we're trying to hold the regime in Khartoum change it to: Sequence 1 In the meantime, we're trying to hold the regime in Khartoum - no 3 speakers per sequence. ONLY two maximum. - no dash on a line that isn't a dialogue. Example of what NOT to do: - Inside a sequence, no speaker dashes on only one of the speakers. In this case, add the second speaker dash, (Subtitle Edit, Fix Errors, Add dash). It's all or nothing. In order to tick the box "corrected" for your subtitles, in addition to the above specificities, it must contain all the dialogue dashes as well. One dash per line! If it doesn't fit, then your lines are too long. Example: - Text A - Text B And if you have dialogues that are very unequal, find a way to adjust them. Don't put a speaker with just one word, and the second speaker with a 50 character-sentence. It's common sense. No super long lines on sequences. Avoid long lines as much as possible. We use a limit of 70 characters and find ways to resync them. The longer they are, the harder it is to read. Most of the above can be done easily with Subtitle Edit (Fix Errors is one of the way), and it's quick, so there's no excuses. You're responsible for the content YOU upload. You can resync our subtitles to fit other versions. However, never modify them, alter them (unless there's text errors, missing dashes...). Keep the credits intact. You can add a line for your resync credit. In the comments box of your upload, you can add a line to indicate you resynced it from X version. When uploading them, keep the same properties. If they're corrected/HD/HI, tick the appropriate boxes. See explanation below for the icons. Colored subtitles are allowed ONLY if you provide a non-colored version. They must be named "VERSION.Colored" to be differentiated by the system when downloading them. E. How to download files? What are all those icons near the files? What’s Most updated ? Downloading files is an easy process. There are 3 type of downloads available: Download - Button appears as “Download” if no one edited the subtitle online and it means you’re downloading exactly the same thing that was uploaded. Download Original - Someone edited the subtitle online and you can choose to download the version without the edits that someone made online. Download Most Updated - Someone edited the subtitle (probably corrected some text or timings) online and you choose to download the edited version The icons: - Means the subtitle works for HD videos (720p, 1080p) - The subtitle was corrected (proper case, dialogue dashes, no missing characters, good timings etc) and it’s most likely one of the things that makes Addic7ed great! - Subtitle contains additional text for the hearing impaired; for example [Door closes] F. How to download subtitle packs? I agree, getting one file at a time isn’t fun. Let’s imagine you want to download the whole season 1 of Lost: You search for Lost and land on its page. You click the small checkbox near each subtitle you want to download. When you’re done, click the “Multi Download” button located at the bottom (you must be logged in). You’ll get yourself a zip archive with all the goodies in it and a TXT as souvenir. We know it’s still a pain to search for files on these pages, but based on your suggestions we’ll try to make the process easier. G. How do I customize my subtitles? One great feature we offer is to customize subtitles “on the fly”. Go to your Panel -> Edit profile and notice the “Remove italics”, “Replace note” and “Force ANSI” settings. Changing this will affect the subtitles you download. Don’t like italics? Just tick the checkbox and your future downloads won’t have lines in italics. H. What aired today? When does my favorite show start? There’s a schedule here that updates every day. If you’re looking for TV show air dates, please click the “ Air Dates “ button located on top. Lots of useful information there. 5. Translating and editing files A. How do I translate a file online? What are the advantages? Addic7ed offers a wiki like system for translating and editing files. Anyone can translate files if they’re logged in. However, if you don't master your language, don't bother translating. You'll waste our moderators' time and everyone else who's participating by doing a bad job. Go to an episode page and click “New Translation” link near the version you want to translate. You will be taken to a page where you have to select the source language (translating from) and the new language you want to translate (translating to). Respect the rules shown! You now have the subtitle lines, timing and text inside a table. All you have to do is click the - Untranslated - box, translate and click “Save” . More people can translate into the same language at the same time, so the file is completed faster. But FAST doesn't mean the quality must be bad. We prefer QUALITY over speed! For obvious quality reasons, anyone uploading translations using automated software (like Google Translate) will be banned. B. How do I edit files? Why should I edit files? If you’re enjoying a show with subtitles from Addic7ed and you notice one or more typos, please come back to the website and correct them. This improves the overall quality of the content and helps the community. All you have to do is go to the episode page and click “View and Edit” near the version / language you’ve noticed the error. Search for the line / text, click on the “Text” box, make the changes and click “Save”. 6. Random A. Is it me, or has development been kinda slow lately? No, it’s not you. It has been kinda slow, and I apologize for that. Some were my fault, some weren’t. However, I expect by the time 2018 ends, we’ll have a better Addic7ed website for all to enjoy. B. I want to help the team to sync English subtitles. Whom should I contact? Please use this contact page. Select the “Joining the team” subject. C. I have a suggestion / I encountered a bug / I want to contact support Again, use the same contact page as above. You’ll usually get an answer in less than 24 hours. If you encounter errors or bugs, please give as much information as possible (screenshots, what the error was, what’s your browser / operating system etc). D. Why are the translations so slow? Why does the percentage diminish? As said previously, translations are made by regular users like you. If no one has time or wants to participate, there won't be any done. No need to whine or be angry. That's how it is. As for the percentage dropping, is we're notified of users doing a bad work, our moderators are there to deal with those, and remove their participation if it really sucks. If you're looking for fast subs poorly translated, go elsewhere. And for French users (because they represent a big part of the translators), READ all the rules. If you don't, don't be surprised you got banned for X reason. You were warned. Now, deal with it. http://www.sub-talk.net/topic/3600-vous-voulez-aider-voici-comment-faq/ A short lesson of history Along with honeybunny, I started Addic7ed back in 2008. We were two people totally new in the subtitle scene (both as contributors and as website administrators) and with little experience in translating / syncing. From a user perspective we thought the subtitle scene can be improved (in both quality and release times). That’s how Addic7ed was born. Slowly (but surely) we got visitors and team members. It was (and still is) a nice run and a nice experience that taught us a lot! We met many awesome people (users and team members alike) that mean a lot! Without them Addic7ed can’t be possible so a huge thanks for that. Final words This FAQ was written based on frequently asked questions in the past few years (and with help from staff members). I hope you will find your answers here. If somehow your questions are still unanswered, feel free to use the contact page to send me an email and I’ll be glad to assist you. Thank you for reading this FAQ and thank you for using Addic7ed.
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