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Found 6 results

  1. MBB


    Bonjour, je travaille sur un projet de chatbot et je cherche à, pour lui apprendre à parler français, le "nourrir" aves des sous-titres de films et séries. Serait-il possible, avec votre aide, de pouvoir récupérer une grande quantité de sous-titres francophones du site, indépendemment des films/séries. Simplement accéder à cette base de données sans devoir télécharger les sous-titres un par un. Vous auriez mon éternelle gratitude ! Vous pouvez me répondre à marionbalac(at) gmail (point) com. Merci d'avance, Marion
  2. AuroreJoe

    The Hollow Crown Season 2

    Hi Everybody ! I need help translating The Hollow Crown season 2 in french ! Who can help me please ? Thank you !
  3. diana

    Versailles (2015)

    Need english subs for Canal+ historical drama "Versailles" (2015)
  4. Heya all, Am French as the title says. I started by translating Ancient Alien series for my family and friends, i've seen a huge amount of people appreciated on youtube, so ... as it seems to be usefull ... well here i am. Joined here to keep in touch with other masochists like meh (no offense, i'm just caustic by nature x) and keep updated. For those interrested in Ancient Aliens in french, feel free to MP me, i'll link you my accounts urls. well, i'm gonna explore the forum :P
  5. Hi everyone !! Like the title said, I'm a little french frog called "AnkhariS" lost in a little french village called "Laizy" (no jokes guys ^^) I'm here 'cuz I love the work "addic7ed" do, and I want to be part of it, for english to french translations. I like "The Big Bang Theory", "Grimm" and some others sictoms but I'm a HUUUUUUGE fan of "Game Of Thrones" and "How I Met Your Mother" !! Tell me how I can help you guys, that would be a pleasure and I would help me working my english ;)
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