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Found 11 results

  1. Hi! I want to know If anyone could make the subtitles for the French movie 'Mon Inconnue' (2019), also known as 'Love at Second Sight' (2019) in english. I've been looking for english or portuguese subtitles for a while now, and I coudn't find one. There's a WEB-DL release of the movie on the internet, and I've heard about a dutch subtitle, but couldn't find (and wouldn't help me, either). Thank you anyway ^^
  2. Request English Subtitle for Runaway Millionaires 2019 File Name: runaway.millionaires.2019.720p.hdtv.hevc.x265 Size 377MB
  3. zaaewr754

    Req: Subtitle for Brightburn 2019

    Request English Subtitle for Brightburn File Name: Brightburn 2019 720p HDCAM-1XBET Size 1.93GB
  4. zaaewr754

    Req: Subtitle for Shazam 2019

    Request for English subtitle for Shazam 2019 (Shazam 2019 720p HDCAM x264 [MW])
  5. herokipa97

    Captain Marvel 2019

    Please upload English subtitle for a movie "Captain Marvel" IMDb Link: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4154664/ File Name: Captain Marvel 2019 720p HDCAM-1XBET Size: 2.4 GB
  6. DeafGuy1964

    Garage Sale Mystery Movie Series

    This movie series been out a while and like to see if this series can be subtitle supported. http://www.hallmarkmoviesandmysteries.com/garage-sale-mystery-movies I ​am deaf, since age 3, (German measles) Thank you.
  7. DeafGuy1964

    Gourmet Detective Series

    This series been out a while and they're great. They're made as movies but also as a series. http://www.hallmarkmoviesandmysteries.com/gourmet-detective It ​is my hope that this movie series will be subtitle supported. I am also deaf since age 3 (German measles) Thanks in advance.
  8. DeafGuy1964

    Garage Sale Mystery Movie Series

    More and more of this movie series is being produced and needs subtitles for all of them. They're spitting out 4 movies a month and it's a great movie series. Requesting English subtitles for the entire movie series. http://www.hallmarkmoviesandmysteries.com/garage-sale-mystery-movies I am deaf, btw. Thank you.
  9. Would love to have sub for signed, sealed, delivered: higher ground. Thanks so much in advance.
  10. Petition Hello everybody! I'm new, from Chile, my name is Lesli I will like to ask if somebody can translate a subtitles from russian to english, are from a movie that i want to see,but the only subs that i find come in russian, serbian and Polish,and my mother language it spanish but i can understand, read and speak english so i will be very very thankful if someone can do this for me. Thanks! Xo Oh! I completely forgot, the movie is Soulless
  11. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0319063/ Biopic about British journalist Andrew Morton (played by Paul McGann), and the story of how he got information from Princess Diana for the controversial 1992 biography "Diana: Her True Story." English subtitles would be wonderful. I can't find any online. I think it came out on DVD at some point, and if that had subs in any language, I'd be willing to take them in French or something and put it through Google Translate--if nobody has the time to actually do up English subs. Thanks to anyone who takes this one on!
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