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Found 3 results

  1. SENTENCE EDITED OUT I am disabled and I tend to have more bad days than good ones. I am also working on trying to find full collections to upload to them before I start to upload. I would also like to be able to upload the subtitles along with the video files, if possible, for those ppl who are hard of hearing, like myself. You see, I have genetic nerve deafness, not to the point that I require a hearing aide (although at times I think my husband would disagree) but enough that it can make it hard for me to understand some things that I am watching on TV without the closed captioning on. Which brings me to my request.I would love to be able to offer (and to be honest be able to enjoy it myself with the subtitles) the ****s WITH the subtitles when I upload them. I was able to upload Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer movie with Hard coded subtitles right in the video file, which was cool, but I have looked EVERYWHERE and I can not find any copy of Jem and the Holograms subtitles ANYWHERE. I figured even if I could not find a set that would sync with my eps, I could use Easy Subtitles Synchronizer to sync each file to my video files, but I could not find ANY Jem subs out there. You would think that on the internet you can find practically anything you need or want right?!? I mean heck, I can find just about any book I want to read, for free. I currently have a personal virtual library of close to 50k books, from classics to scifi to horror, you name it (that I built in less than 3 months time, though still adding to here and there, a few books at a time), but I could not find a single copy of a Jem English subtitle file. So, I have included the information of where I got the original **** from, if anyone would be willing to help me. Also, I would not only upload the **** with subtitles to the site I belong to, but also to other sites, including information about Addic7ed.com as well, to let ppl know where they can find more TV show subtitle files as well, included with the files. External link references removed. Please read the rules. You may also conclude that you'll want to edit out some sentences in the paragraphs above. You would think that on the Internet, when you sign in to a Forum, the first thing you do is read the important stuff before beginning posting. The Episodes include: Season 1... S1E01 - The Beginning S1E02 - Disaster S1E03 - Kimber's Rebellion S1E04 - Frame Up S1E05 - Battle of the Bands S1E06 - Starbright (Part 1) S1E07 - Starbright (Part 2- Colliding Stars) S1E08 - Starbright (Part 3 Rising Star) S1E09 - The World Hunger Shindig S1E10 - Adventure in China S1E11 - Last Resorts S1E12 - In Stitches S1E13 - The Music Awards (Part 1) S1E14 - The Music Awards (Part 2) S1E15 - The Rock Fashion Book S1E16 - Brodway Magic S1E17 - In Search of the Stolen Album S1E18 - Hot Time in Hawaii S1E19 - The Princess and the Singer S1E20 - Island of Deception S1E21 - Old Meets New S1E22 - Intrigue at the Indy 500 S1E23 - The Jem Jam (Part 1) S1E24 - The Jem Jam (Part 2) S1E25 - Culture Clash S1E26 - Glitter and Gold Season 2... S2E01 - The Talent Search (Part 1) S2E02 - The Talent Search (Part 2) S2E03 - Scandal S2E04 - One Jem Too Many S2E05 - The Bands Break Up S2E06 - The Fan S2E07 - Father's Day S2E08 - The Treasure Hunt S2E09 - Aztec Enchantment S2E10 - Music Is Magic S2E11 - The Jazz Player S2E12 - Dance Time S2E13 - Roxy Rumbles S2E14 - Alone Again S2E15 - KJEM S2E16 - Trick Or Techrat S2E17 - The Presidential Dilemma S2E18 - Rock 'n Roll Express S2E19 - Mardi Gras S2E20 - The Middle Of Nowhere S2E21 - Renaissance Woman S2E22 - Journey To Shangri-La S2E23 - Journey Through Time S2E24 - Britrock S2E25 - Out Of The Past S2E26 - Hollywood Jem (Part 1- For Your Consideration) S2E27 - Hollywood Jem (Part 2- And The Winner Is) Season 3... S3E01 - The Stingers Hit Town (Part 1) S3E02 - The Stingers Hit Town (Part 2) S3E03 - Video Wars S3E04 - Beauty And The Rock Promoter S3E05 - Homeland, Heartland S3E06 - Midsummer Night's Madness S3E07 - The Day The Music Died S3E08 - That Old Houdini Magic S3E09 - Straight From The Heart S3E10 - A Change Of Heart S3E11 - Riot's Hope S3E12 - A Father Should Be... PARAGRAPH EDITED OUT Thank you VERY much Samanthad75
  2. Hello I'd like to request subtitles for documentary about film music, since this is a theme I like very much. It's in English, and features most of the best / most famous movie composers talking about their work on the subject. I'd very much appreciate this. Hopefully someone with similar interest will show up and make it. Regards http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4207112/
  3. Gleizer Schroder

    Ke$Ha : My Crazy Beautiful Life

    Please, I need subtitles in english or portuguese (brazil) of the documentary by Ke$ha on MTV, My Crazy Beautiful Life! Someonde can help me? Thanks.
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