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Found 8 results

  1. Rifat15

    Gåsmamman (2015)

    Would you plz kindly upload the subtitles of this Scandinavian thriller series. All the episodes have already aired on C More network of Sweden. RM Team already encoded the first 2 episodes. Plz do consider asap. IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4716466/
  2. velikovar

    Gasmamman S01, 2, 3 - BG subs

    Hello, I'm looking for BG subtitles on TVseries - Gasmamman / Вълчица S01. I will be very thankful if someone share them or can translate
  3. Hello everyone, would like to ask if there are English subtitles for Swedish tv series Den fördömde/Sebastian Bergman for S1 and S2. Thank you.
  4. ENGLISH SUBTITLES needed for... Ängelby (ITV) [IMDb link: 3543634] S01E01 - S01E12 《ENTIRE COMPLETE SEASON 1》 (Original run: 28 September 2015 — Present) 720p.HDTV-DoKtor.mp4
  5. ENGLISH SUBTITLES needed for... Modus (TV4) [IMDb link: 4600404] S01E01 - S01E08 《ENTIRE COMPLETE SERIES 1》 (Original run: 23 September 2015 — Present 720p.HDTV.x264-DoKtor
  6. sandouka

    Thriller Uk 1973

    I was looking for this show for my aunt who used to watch it when she was young and I have found it, but can't seem to find subtitles anywhere (english is not our native language, so she needs them). I just wanted to ask here, in case someone has them or knows where to look or to even get a definite answer that there are no subtitles for this show on the internet!! thank you for any reply!!
  7. gnawzguz

    Forbrydelsen Ill Episode 9,10

    I have been watching Forbrydelsen III. Topnotch drama! Sarah Lund never disappoints me. The best of three seasons, I think Until now, 8 Episodes have been aired, And I have watched 6 episodes with english subtitles so far. Sadly,I couldn't watch episode 7 without engish subtitles. It's been 10 days since episode 7 was aired. Will there be episode 7 english subtitles appearing soon? It is due to be launched 8 December 2012 in BBC Four. :wacko:
  8. gnawzguz

    Forbrydelsen Iii, Episode 1

    http://www.dr.dk/dr1/forbrydelsen/seforbrydelsen/ I have downloaded the episode 1 aired in this week. There are no english subtitles. Review http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/tvandradio/tv-and-radio-reviews/9549886/The-Killing-series-three-first-review.html Could you upload english subtitles, please? It's a kind of torture to wait until Nov,17 in the UK. You would know what I mean if you have watched the season 1~2. Thanks!
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