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Jayesh Nirve

New CCExtractor GUI.

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Jayesh Nirve

Hey folks, Jayesh here. I am currently working with the CCExtractor team and one of my main task is creating a new GUI for the software. I would like to know if someone uses this and what exactly do you want improved in this GUI. My main question is regarding the settings, i.e the arguments that CCExtractor takes in. 

There are some settings which are per file, output filename, start end time, etc. So I was thinking instead of setting all arguments to the current selected batch of files we change it to per file but then the user will have to set some of the settings for each file, for example even if we have hardsubx disabled by default and the user wants to apply it on multiple files, he would have to open the per file settings for all the files and set hardsubx enabled there. On the other hand if we have all settings, i don't see a way we could add settings like output filename. Please let me know if this example wasn't clear enough. 

Basically I want to know how would you prefer to do settings like output filename, start end time on file and other more global all files settings like, export output in .srt,, .sami, etc


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