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Chuck Brown - "Auuuggghhh!" (Missed Football)

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Hello, I just joined because Chile-Verde found "The Sweeney" 1975 subtitles for me!
Now I just have to resync them for my 25Fps version! :D Then I'll upload them to OpenSubtitles.
I will also upload them @ their current frame rate. Edit: I didn't. They were RAW, there was no proper Frametime.

I have uploaded about 100 subtitles on "Opensubtitles" dot Org. Including "Philip Marlowe - Private Eye" from scratch and most of "Miami Vice" 720p x264 Resynced.
I hope to add to the community, receive help finding files I cannot find... and maybe collaborate! ;) 


Edited by ChuckBrown
Didn't upload RAW subs

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hi chuck! welcome to the community! :D

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