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Searching for Foodie Love English Subtitles

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I can find the subtitles for four other languages other than English. Do I just use Google Translate?

Amazon Prime provides English subtitles (I don't have a subscription) and there's a Lnux iso that has the English subtitles too but not as separate text files (the Linux iso is too large).

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I mentioned the T word

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      I'm looking for English subtitles for the tv show Foodie Love (2019). Thanks
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      I can't find subs for any of the episodes anywhere. 
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      Hi, could anyone upload the subs of Random Acts of Flyness? It's a new (and great) HBO' show from filmmaker Terence Nance. The first episode is available on HBO's youtube channel with english subs but i guess the others one are only on HBOGO and Amazon (and only in the USA, i guess).
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      A week ago HBO aired this Billy Crystal TV special based on his one-man show.
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