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The Invisible Man - 2020 - 5/10

A wife escapes her ultra rich, abusive husband in the middle of the night.
(Cliché of the dominating male has been used umpteen times.)
She hides in terror, he is a tech guru and … well … can anyone really hide nowadays?
15 minutes in, the crisis is over, threat vanished.  Cecilia can relax her guard.
Then, as she stares at empty spaces, one wonders if she is losing her mind.


Slick looking tech effects, used late and sparingly, that would have been WOW!! 20 years ago.
The first hour is excruciatingly slow, and aside from the tech angle, this is a rehash.
Panders to victim mentality.  Cynical me wonders if the writer/director calculated this for a Me-Too audience.


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Un Témoin Dans la Ville - 1959 - 6/10
AKA - Witness In the City


The train screams through the French countryside.
Masking the frantic shrieks she makes as she …
Well, the affair was over, she was clingy, and she already had a husband.
She committed suicide.  Yeah!  That was it!
There is a loose end, however.  In fact, from one frayed end another unravels.
The path darkens to murder.  Tracking, hunting, elimination.
Film has a marvelous sense of place.  Midnight Paris.
Neon, strip clubs, coffee shops, cheap hotels, bars.
Shadowy couples, fugitives, night owls.
All relying on ferrymen for hire.  City taxi drivers.
Whose jaded eyes know all the doors of disgrace and desire.
Moody jazz score enhances classic Noir of best laid plans and loose ends.


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Jour J - 2017 - 6/10
AKA - Wedding Unplanned


Juliette and Mathias meet at the costume party.
She takes a fancy to him and soon works him out of his Superman outfit and into her Wonder Woman.
Later … “Call me?”  –  “Uh, what, sure.”  –  “Here’s my card,” which she tucks into his clothes.
Next day, back in the flat he shares with blonde Alexia.  “What’s this card?  And who is Juliette?”
“What?  Oh, that, oh, emm –”
“Juliette, wedding planner.  Omigod!  Yes!  I mean, I do!  What a surprise!!!”
Preparations begin.  And who is hired to plan the nuptials?
Why, Mathias’ one night stand, Juliette, who, it transpires, Alexia knew and bullied when J was an ugly duckling.
Broad French comedy borrows from many films, but it moves briskly and the audience laughed frequently.
Chances are this is a good date film - unless - your date misinterprets this as a proposal hint.


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