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Der Gorilla von Soho - 1968 - 5/10
AKA - Gorilla Gang

Visiting rich foreigners are murdered, then made to appear to be drowning victims.
Inspectors, following clues, soon wonder if an old gang has resurfaced.
Krimi mixes sexual innuendo, authoritarian silliness, and stretches of nudity.
For the latter, there is an underground camera club boasting dozens of unclad models.


The humor is not especially funny, running gags wear thin.
This seems like a color remake of Dead Eyes Of London, an earlier, and better Krimi.





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Creep - 2004 - 5/10


Leaving the party, Kate tells friends she is going to a more exclusive soiree, where she plans to mount and bounce VIP George Clooney.
When she can’t hail a cab, she heads down the tube, intending to catch the last train.
Instead she falls asleep, and wakes to find a deserted Underground.
Well, not quite.
Aside from homeless, maintenance and security, there are a legion of rats.
And a furtive, murderous soul with inhuman strength and a limited wardrobe.
Pale Slasher entry takes place in tunnels, dank corridors, closed sections, forgotten chambers.
Though the plot springs fresh elements late, this is cheap copycat of better genre films.
LIGHT SPOILER – The denizen has apparently been active for a long time.
By implication, he has never targeted anyone who would be missed, and attract investigators.
Such logical precautions are inexplicably omitted on this night.


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Railroaded! - 1947 - 6/10

The masked goon, cocksure and aggressive, shoves the muzzle into the terrified doll’s face.
She shrieks, a nearby cop on the beat rushes over, and the robbery skids into chaos.
Hot lead spits across the room, leaving one dead policeman and a critically wounded thug.
For what, Junior?  Knocking off a beauty salon.
The other robber, the one who gets clean away, is a calculating block of ice.
He sets up a patsy, an innocent schmuck, a rube, because he is wise and cynical about lawmen.
He knows cops will embrace the frame, knows they are under pressure, knows they will railroad an innocent man in a breath.
Then, while police push the stooge towards the gas chamber, he makes a play for the rube’s sister.


Middling Noir starts strong and the finish is a tour de force.  In between, it shuffles indecisively.
Mystery, police procedural, romance, thriller.  Blame the script, which cannot make up its mind.
Best is John Ireland as the dead eyed villain, more interested in his gun than men or women.
Much of this Anthony Mann film is quite dark (though later work would be darker), so view in a dimly lit room.


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The Song Of Names - 2019 - 7/10


The young violinist, unknown yet already heralded as a genius, disappears even as the audience fills the theatre.
Then there is nothing.  Decades pass, he seems erased from the planet.
Via flashbacks, he arrives from Poland to England in 1939.  September arrives, Germany invades Poland, Europe is engulfed in World War II.  Blitz ravaged England becomes home to the prodigy.
Decades after the mysterious disappearance, the violinist’s childhood friend finds a loose thread.
From there, the reclusive history and fallout.
Time and again, when souls vanish, ofttimes they have their reasons.  Private reasons.


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Barneys Books And Bust-Ups: 50 Years Of The Booker Prize - 2018 - 6/10


Lightweight overview of the Booker prize.
Early days (including the sugar cane roots of Booker), growth of importance, controversies.
Most of the interviewees are winning authors and judges.
Prize money seems OK, the real aspect of the award lies in publicity and increased book sales.
Complaints include elitism, veiled lobbying, and surprisingly, from the winners, that owing to scheduled appearances, they usually cannot return to writing for a few years.
Nevertheless, readers (a dying breed) will find this entertaining.


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