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Cannot Edit Nor Upload

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I cannot edit existing subtitles of Criminal Minds S07E06 nor upload my own to the episode.
The LOL version in English has some missing lines and misheard words to be corrected.
I logged in of course.
How come?

Anyway, attached is precisely synced, updated version of mine.

Criminal Minds - 0706 - 111102 - Epilogue.srt

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Yes you cannot, because most of your's corrections are made it just to be made.

Rest a while, and we'll see later what to do about.




The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do!





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made it just to be made.


No way.

What you called "corrected" & "completed" versions need precise syncing, and have missing words, misheard words, unheard lines, a dialog not in dialog style but in one line, not to mention all the capital letters at initial position even they are not really at the top.
See, in the episode of Criminal Minds, Morgan clearly said "profiled" instead of "both thought."
There remain some of big mistakes like this in almost all the subs you labeled as "corrected."
They all need to be fixed.
There seems to be no one who do this kind of job like me.
Unless someone do similar job, they never get perfect subs.
Besides, what's wrong with recent misuse of "--" instead of "..."? That's not addicted style.

At least, there should have be a PM to let me know what's going on.
Isn't it the least courtesy or respect you pay for whom does this job like this?

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