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Yeah, Nyrkki is one I've got in my binge folder – when I get a moment. Thanks for the review.

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Kingdom: S02 - 2019 -  7/10
AKA - Kingdeom S02  //  킹덤


Meaner, rougher, more treacherous, and certainly bloodier than S01.
The contagion  has scorched vast swathes of the countryside.
Even rallying support, the crown prince faces a menace that swells exponentially.
Meanwhile, those in power continue to deny, while turning the horror to their advantage.
As before, this has an uncomfortable resemblance to unnamed nations during the Covid deaths.
For commitment avoiders: S02E06 @ 37” there is a closure, if you want to end it there.
Others, watch on.  S03 will air when it airs.
(Netflix owns this series, and the K-drama fanbase have expressed concerns the US firm may “milk” the series.)



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... and certainly bloodier than S01.

Yeah, looking at the pic you've got there, it's pretty bloody 🤣

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Tokyo Vampire Hotel - 2017 - 5/10
AKA - 東京ヴァンパイアホテル

I started watching this two  … three years ago.
Colossal expectations curdled into disappointment.
For centuries, clan Corvin has dominated clan Dracula in the vampire hierarchy.
With the fulfilling of an ancient prophecy, out come the knives, guns and teeth of clan Dracula.
The opening episodes are ballistic and excessive.


Would that writer / director Sion Sono maintain this intensity and plotting.
Alas, he shot his wad in the first installments.
Afterwards, any madness he can imagine, he tosses into the mix.
If that fails, he repeats action sequences and verbal histrionics.
Repetition grows tedious.  As the plot advances nary an inch, viewing becomes a slog.
Too bad, for this ten part series boasts eye-popping color design and extravagant costumes.


Acting is bellicose and over the top in the midsection.  Screaming, then fighting.
The series is a confused mess, seemingly aimed with one eye toward the American market.
Meaning, wagons of violence, blood and gore, but scarcely any nudity (odd, since human characters are ordered to start making babies for future blood supply).
The last three episodes move on surer footing.  A haunting melancholy pervades.
I’ve written more than usual about this series, primarily because of the director and the blistering opening.
This had the making of an astounding show.  Until it began wallowing in its own self conceit.
Caveat emptor.

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Luna Nera - 2020 - 5/10
AKA - Black Moon


Reviews were lackluster, still I went ahead and started watching.
In rural Italy, probably 17th century, lesser nobles track down, torture and burn witches.
Usual reasons.  Bad crops, stillbirths, dire weather.  Blame women.
Smart looking series, period costumes, and sets are undermined by poor script and worse acting.
Acting ranges from melodramatic to amateurish.
To a soul, these are Italian stereotypes.  Impulsive, loud, emotional, excitable.
Plot wise, we got witches.  Striga.  Instead of incantations and magic, we get icky grade school romance.
Our male hero, the Roma educated hope of his family, falls for the homely, neo-witch instead of his childhood flame who burns with heat and wields a sword.


Guys may be shallow, but we are not blind.
Nonetheless, should you load this despite my piddling review, catch the last episode, especially the last half.
Ridiculous and fruity, wildly over the top and not in a good way.


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🤣 if I'm ever going to have the opportunity top watch Luna Nera, I'll focus on the last half of the last episode and discard the rest. It sounds like it might just contain the 'best' bits.

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The Prodigal Daughter - 2020 - 6/10
AKA - Die Verlorene Tochter


During the last high school dance, the richest girl in town disappears.
Ten years later, memory gone, Isa suddenly returns.
Conveniently, as the family begins to squabble over the inheritances.
Multiple mysteries are explored.
Was she kidnapped originally?  If so, by whom?  And why?
Where has she been?  Why did she return?  At this precarious moment.
As the narrative unfolds, personalities and backstories, surface in an ugly light.
Does not stitch neatly for meticulous viewers, yet this is a fine, if unpleasant, slow boil thriller.


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The Antique: Secret Of The Old Books - 2018 - 6/10
AKA - Biblia Koshodô no Jiken Techô  //  ビブリア古書堂の事件手帖

Condensation of several novels by En Mikami limits its focus to shopkeeper Shioriko, and her part time assistant, Daisuke.
Possessing an encyclopedic knowledge of books, Shioriko struggles to keep her shop afloat, while fending off threats from an obsessive / psychopathic book collector.


Daisuke’s story is more the mystery of his recently deceased grandmother, and her forbidden love affair.
Shioriko, unfortunately, is underwritten.  Replace the constant book in her hands with a cellphone, and she would be any naval gazing soul of today, more interested in elsewhere than people in front of her.
The grandmother’s story is set in 1964 during the Tokyo Olympics.
Played by Kaho (Toyko Vampire Hotel), she is a ramen cook.  Full of life, and curiosity.


Her relationship with a struggling writer is the emotional core of the movie.
The modern story with the collector is forced and poorly done.

A better experience might be Antiquarian Bookshop Biblia's Case Files from 2013.
With 11 episodes, it offers a deeper, richer exploration of Mikami’s novels.



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