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The Sweeney 1975

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Hi, I add my request for The Sweeney subtitles. They will be much appreciated!

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8 Year Bump! I uploaded a copy I found for all the episodes of season 1 @ 25FPS.
No luck finding season 2 3 or 4... Maybe I'll make them.
Any help would be appreciated. It would take me months, to complete 3 seasons. (OpenSubtitles)

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15 hours ago, chile-verde said:

Wow thanks! You are a champ! Where did you find these?! I have been searching online for a week!

I'll still have to resync them for 25 FPS... And the episode numbers are not ordered correctly... (S2E13 files/text is on S2E10)  But these files have the right text for the episodes! I'll just have to read and sort/rename them.

I made a REAL account to download these. Gracias Chile-Verde!
I really appreciate the links and zip files, and you posted them so quickly! Thank you!

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I did not download Season 1.
Season 2 I've just checked. All episodes are listed correctly. Except S2E13 and S2E10 are switched. The text is spot on!
They look good so far! I think they're 23.976fps... So I'll lose a bit of space when I resync for 25fps.
I enjoy the "Hearing Impaired" sections. Thanks again.
I'll check back later and comment on the quality of Seasons 3/4. Once I've had the time to read/look through them.

Edit: Checking back. Season 3 is accurate text for each episode correctly named. And so is season 4.
Now for me to enter SubtitleEdit and resync these for my video files. Then post online, because I know most people have 25FPS copies.

I might start a new thread, for "I Spy" with Robert Culp and Bill Cosby... I've been planning to make subs for over a year. Maybe I can get some help!
But first 3 seasons of The Sweeney to resync... That will take a few months probably. I can't live in front of my PC. :P

Edit 2: I downloaded Season 1... All files are correctly labeled for 25fps. (Not 23.976fps)


Edited by ChuckBrown
NOT 23.976fps But IS 25fps

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Done! Just resynced the finale.

Here is a link to Opensubtitles and The Sweeney in English @ 25FPS resynced for commercial breaks.

With extended reading time. Time reduction and removal of excessive "Hearing Impaired" sections.

Thanks Chile-Verde! https://www.opensubtitles.org/en/ssearch/sublanguageid-all/idmovie-143642

I've also resynced the movies "Sweeney!" and "Sweeney 2" into 25FPS. ;) Enjoy!


Edited by ChuckBrown
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