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Sonnigsburg – 2016 – Channel: C31

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I'm looking for english subtitles for this TV Show. It's on C31 Channel. Here are some informations about show:







Sonnigsburg is a mystery; a town in the woods that hasn't been visited for seventy years. Or so the legend goes. Nearby is the town of Mount Sunshine - and it's there that our main character, Savannah, stops on her way to research Sonnigsburg. Savannah's ex, Jade, has called her out of the blue, eight years after breaking-up and desperate for help - but when Savannah arrives in town and her past begins to catch up with her, the history of the town begins to seep through the cracks and she realises that the residents of Mount Sunshine are all haunted in their own way.

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Hi, lemonzoo. Just so you know, we have kept an eye out for this show. We'll update the topic if we get anything.

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O. K., thanks for info. They are uploading episodes on YouTube, but no subs there.

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Just an update, there are no subtitles for this show. The YouTube videos are the best quality videos currently, 720p for week one & them 1080p there after.  You can turn on CCs on YouTube however they are very average auto-generated attempt.

A friend & I have started the arduous task of transcribing this series, but it won't be done quickly ,due to life & other subbing commitments.  No promise of timeframe, likely to be concluded in the new year.  We are currently debating whether to upload each episode as we finish it or just wait until we have the entire series done & upload as a pack.


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