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    • sharkiller
      By sharkiller
      Hi I made a Dark theme for Addic7ed.com that fix also a few alignment of images and lines.
      Is made for Stylus extension on chrome or firefox:
      Here a few images:

    • fotofranky
      By fotofranky
      I thought I might share this with others.​
      ​I'm using uT​ and after an episode is finished downloading AND it is labeled "Series", I'm running a command line which automatically searched Addic7ed for available subtitles.
      In the uT​-option "Run this program when a file finishes" I've entered:
      ​​cmd /c IF %L==Series start "​" "http://www.addic7ed.com/search.php?search=%N"
      ​​​​What ​do​es it do?​​
      Check if its label (%L) is Series. (IF %L==Series) O​​pen a brow​s​er​ (s​tar​t ""​) wi​​​​​​​​th​ the url "​http://www.addic7ed.com/search.php?search=%N" ​​%N is the ​title of the episod​​​​​e​s​ ​ file. "cmd /c" o​pens a CMD instance, executes the IF statement and closes the CMD instance again. ​This command li​ne should easily be able to be modified for other programs.
      ​​I hope this might​ be helpful to others.​​
    • anchorsound
      By anchorsound
      Please integrate Vue and modern vue select library in place of Quick search, [on the left]
      so we can finally really search as we type, and find results faster. Above is a demo of how it would look like...
    • dickveevers
      By dickveevers
      Hi All,
      Looking to help a German friend.
      Unable to create new account, recaptacha showing as shutdown?
       "User dickveevers doesn't exist"
      Help appreciated 
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