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Spanish Subtitles for Season 2 of La Casa de Papel (Money Heist)

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Hi I'm looking for Spanish subtitles for season 2 of La Casa de Papel, if anyone could help that would be great! Thank you :)

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Thanks! Unfortunately the website is blocked in my country :( Is there another website I can get them from?

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I wouldn't know, 'cause addic7ed is our site :)
You can always use vpns or browser extensions to browse from any country, like Hola.


Got questions? Read our FAQ.

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      Since I've been asked privately for the original Spanish subtitles for this show by several of you, I'll share them publicly here. That way everyone that might be interested will have access to them. 
      I'll post them here each week as soon as I can, so no need to ask for them.
      Of course these are raw and won't be in sync with videos that may come out.
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      I can't find subs for any of the episodes anywhere. 
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