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    • Azenya
      By Azenya
      Hello, I tried to download an episode but it seems like I don't have the correct software to open it. What can I do ? Is there any solution ?
      I tried to look at the internet, openning it with VLC but it doesn't work.
      Thank you
    • SubSync
      By SubSync
      Hi everyone,   We would like to introduce our new site - www.subsync.net.   You can use it to sync a bad-synced subtitle in your language based on a good-synced subtitle in ANY language.   SubSyncs’ algorithm can handle all kinds of situations: different versions of subtitles, uneven number of lines, shift in times, different frame rates, added lines (such as copyrights and other things translators add) and a mix of the situations above.   The algorithm doesn't perform any kind of translation and doesn't just copy the time codes from one file to the other. It actually does a 'clever' heuristic analysis of the subtitles and tries to fix them using several mathematical techniques.   So, how do I use it?   In case you have a subtitle that is out of sync, you can use this site to fix it in just 3 simple steps: 1. Find a good-synced subtitle in ANY language 2. Go to www.subsync.net and upload your bad-synced subtitle (which is in your language) and upload the good-synced subtitle that you found in the previous step. 3. Click "Sync!"   You will receive a download to the fixed subtitle in about 1-2 seconds.    Unfortunately, we cannot promise a success 100% of the times, but from the intensive tests that we have conducted, the algorithm we wrote has a very high success rate. In case the process fails, you can always try it again with another pair of subtitles.   We are constantly improving the algorithm and the more subtitles we run into, the more edge cases we encounter and are able to try to fix.   Enjoy , SubSync.net crew
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