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Req: Subtitle for Home (UK) 2019

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Please upload subtitle for home (UK) season 1 episode 4 i have been waiting for this subtitle since last 5 hours

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Please upload subtitle for home (UK) season 1 episode 4 i have been waiting for this subtitle since last 5 hours

​You should have spent that time reading forum rules:

Generally speaking, it is not necessary to request subs for episodes that Addic7ed is regularly providing for current TV shows; quality subtitles are usually available within a few hours at most - it's what Addic7ed does best.  

In particular, do not request subtitles for shows or episodes that are less than three days old.


 There won't be a next time.

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Always funny.

Members are asking for "fast subs" and waiting for 5 hours (!). This member probably thinks we are getting paid to do so (no,we are not) and don't ever care to leave a nice comment at the show uploaded.

For who cares, this show is only 22+ minutes (300+ lines), but the raw subs are not synced, has no dialogue dashes or hard coded lines in place. An experienced person will need one minute per line before uploading a workable subtitle. Do your math!

Nobody has to kneel down and thanking for subtitles, but please understand somebody takes the effort to rip the raw subs, somebody takes the effort to upload decent subs for you to be watched for your pleasure.

Have a great day!

P.S. This show is downloaded by like 500 enthusiasts, he/she could also spend this time for e.g. "The Walking Dead" with 10K+ downloads...



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