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    • TiMy14
      By TiMy14
      Hello everyone,
      It's been now years that I try to find english subtitles for the second season of Amazing Stories (1985 one, Spielberg) which doesn't exist right now (to my knowledge).
      Do you think that some of you guys can do it when you get a moment ? It will be so great ! 
      Thank you very much
    • Zoey
      By Zoey
      Hi I'm looking for Spanish subtitles for season 2 of La Casa de Papel, if anyone could help that would be great! Thank you
    • Shiokata
      By Shiokata
      Hi guys, I'd really appreciate if someone could upload the english subtitles for The A Word season 2. It started on november 7th and there are only French subtitles available.
      Thank you very much!
    • Champistyle
      By Champistyle
      Hello everyone!
      I'm looking for a (several?) generous soul(s) to sub The Hollow Crown S02E01 - Henry VI Part 1. My English is not good enough to understand everything.
      I would be in your debt guys Please, please, please!
      (I'm willing to send some cookies as a thank you present if I must)
    • libralion
      By libralion
      Is there somebody who knows where I can find the subtitles for ep. 6 of Season 2 from Grantchester?
      It is the last episode of the season and I would love to watch it with the subs, so that I understand everything very well.
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