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Subtitles for Sky UK shows

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Can anybody explain to me the situation with subtitles for Sky UK?
Why most time it is impossible to find subtitles for shows from Sky UK?
Is it impossible to extract them from the satellite feeds due to some protection?
Is most shows are running without subtitles?
Another reason?

Thank you.

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Costa Dax

Hi, @Provider!

The problem is that all channels and streaming services within the Sky Group offer very limited (almost non-existent) closed captioning.

Challenge, Merit, Now TV, Pick, Sky Arts, Sky Atlantic, Sky Cinema, Sky Comedy, Sky Crime, Sky Documentaries, Sky Go, Sky Nature, Sky News, Sky One, Sky Q, Sky Replay, Sky Sports, and Sky Witness do not offer programmes with captions. So, there are no captions to rip, therefore no subtitles. They may offer captions on very very rare occasions that are impossible to predict. But as a rule, they don't.

That's why for most shows from Sky One, Sky Atlantic etc. there are no available subtitles. And most of the times, if you find subs for those shows, it's because they were released on another network in the US, Canada, Australia etc. and the subs came from that network.

UK viewers have been complaining about the lack of closed captioning service for years. And Sky has lost many subscribers over this. I haven't come across with an answer on behalf of Sky Group that would explain such an obvious oversight.

Anyway, now you know.


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