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    • Recommend a movie
      By Vultural · Posted
      Goodnight Brooklyn - 2016 - 7/10 The last days of the Brooklyn music club, Death By Audio.
      Told by some of the bands who performed there, people who launched the venue, and employees.
      Who’s not there?  The landlord, who was delighted that anyone would want to rent a building that should have been demolished.  Until, Brooklyn became trendy and the property worth a goldmine.
      Who else declines to participate?  Why, the new building neighbors, who coveted than then pushed out the club.
      Vice Media, who built their credibility being edgy, friendly to the underground.
      Enjoyable documentary, though a familiar, if sad tale.
      Clubs disappear all the time.  CBGB, The Cavern, The Sands, Gazzarri's, Bronco Bowl, The Ad Lib, Le Chabanais...
    • Is it just me?
      By hardofhearing · Posted
      Thanks. Will give it a look...
    • Is it just me?
      By jomag · Posted
      There are still many interesting Euro tv series being made... A site I find very good is called viewingvaultrocks. Consider checking it out...
    • Perpetual Grace, LTD
      By dooctoor · Posted
      Bonjour, J'ai traduit les trois premiers épisodes de "Perpetual Grace, LTD" tout seul. Je trouve cette série géniale (bien mieux que le 7.5 donné sur IMDB). Des gueules dignes des frères Coen, des scènes, des dialogues assez déjantées... Je manque vraiment de temps pour traduire le reste de la saison, et je me demandais si quelqu'un connaissait la date de sortie du DVD, afin d'avoir des ST officiels à uploader ! À défaut de sortie DVD et de ST officiels, si des âmes charitables voulaient bien s'attaquer aux épisodes suivants (quelques grosses séries avec des traducteurs français de talent viennent de se terminer... ), je me ferais un plaisir d'apporter ma modeste contribution aux épisodes manquants, mais je suis vraiment trop lent pour m'y coller tout seul Au risque de paraître pénible, je trouve qu'il est plus éthique d'attaquer par les HI, afin que les malentendants puissent en profiter (les annotations HI s'enlèvent en deux minutes avec subtitle edit.) Cette série semble être passée inaperçue dans la communauté francophone, et c'est dommage. Bonne soirée à tout le monde
    • == Annonces / Bug / Mot de passe / Activation compte ==
      By balzane · Posted
      @kinglouisxx Merci à toi et bonne continuation.
    • English Subs for A Black Lady Sketch Show
      By baramaniac · Posted
      Hi, I would like to make a request for A Black Lady Sketch Show (2019) English subtitles. Thank You!
    • Is it just me?
      By hardofhearing · Posted
      We have access to umpteen TV channels etc. But it seems that for the last 3 months, there has not been anything worth watching.  New American sit-coms, come out. But nobody else seems to find them funny. The BBC put out a new programme, but they only make 4 episodes.  It seems that there is just a load of crap, being put out as entertainment. I don't have a TV. I rely on other venues for my viewing pleasures.  Even the subs on this site, reflect the poor choices available. Stuff being subtitled, that wouldn't normally get the time of day.  Everybody grubbing around, trying to find something interesting/entertaining... 
    • Recommend a movie
      By Vultural · Posted
      The Day Of The Wolves - 1971 -  6/10 Very interesting el cheapo caper film.
      First fifteen minutes are wordless as we watch various individuals - assassin, bank robber, second story man - ply their trade, then get recruited for a big job.
      The plan, organized by Number 1, is to take down a small desert town.
      The men all wear beards and go by numbers, not their names.  If any get caught, they can’t tell the Feds jack.
      Pace bogs midway with endless rehearsals and town politics, until the robbery unfolds in a blaze of bullets.
      Well cast with name actors, and lesser known, though no bad acting.
      Soundtrack, a mix of psychedelia and funk, is pretty good.
      Film stock is bad, the look is cheap, editing is jumpy.  In short, Grindhouse fare.
      I bet 5¢ that Mr. Tarantino saw this at one point and it influenced Reservoir Dogs .
    • English subs for Hold The Sunset S02E02
      By MangJD · Posted
      Kettle releases have a txt channel but Kettle did not release E02. 
    • == Annonces / Bug / Mot de passe / Activation compte ==
      By bird · Posted
      OK. Merci à eux !
    • == Annonces / Bug / Mot de passe / Activation compte ==
      By Traditore · Posted
      Bonjour à tous, message des devs : « Some pages are inaccessible, we're aware and we're working on it. » merci. 
    • == Annonces / Bug / Mot de passe / Activation compte ==
      By arsmagika · Posted
      @kinglouisxx Dommage que tu nous quittes, j’adorais ton travail