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  1. FRIDAY THE 13th (( New TV Serie ))

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  3. nightmare on elm street 2010

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    • RowanEleven
      Yoohoo everybody!    Here's an obscure one again, maybe I'll be lucky this time? I would really appreciate it, if anyone cold share subs for Season 1 & 2 o the Irish series Pure Mule.  Thanks in advance and have a nice summer! best regards
    • hadilan
      Banner for; https://www.addic7ed.com/season/9867/1
    • dc2257
      I have always had my profile set for English subtitles and it's been great. I never have to worry that I've unknowingly downloaded a foreign subtitle. I just noticed they're popping up and was wondering what can be done. Thanks 
    • Vultural
      Utö - 2024 - Finland Utö - 2024 - 6/10     There is an ear-piercing sound, followed by atmospheric disturbance. Afterward, the small Finnish island of Utö is utterly isolated. No one can leave, no one can arrive. As supplies dwindle, so too does community spirit.  Every man for himself. Woven in are supernatural elements and actual history of ship disasters near the island. Acting in this is bad.  Primarily from the lead (Maria) who is insufferably annoying and whiny. Subtitles I viewed were inept AI generated: an educated chimpanzee would do better. The narrative itself has good points, and provides a strange twist near the end.
    • Vultural
      Three-Body - 2023 - China Three-Body - 2023 - 7/10 AKA - San ti // 三体 Across the globe, leading research scientists are committing suicide. Police officer Qiang is assigned to protect nanoscientist, Wang Miao.     Which draws both men into a clandestine organization, the Frontiers Of Science. Into conspiracy, ultimately an invasion. Very heady SciFi series from China demands an early degree of patience. Thirty episodes, of which the first 10 feel padded. Why show a 30 second scene, when you can stretch it to 2 minutes? Likewise repeat a scene over and over, with various angles, so the audience "gets it". The characters are somewhat over-the-top and unlikeable at this point, too. Trust me here, the show settles down and the narrative tightens considerably. Especially whenever the focus shifts to the Cultural Revolution and the Red Coast base.   Therein lie the seeds for human annihilation. There is VR gameplay involved and the retro flat CGI is fun. Science, math, physics and equations throughout. Outstanding adaptation of Liu Cixin’s novel. The entire S01 is currently available from Tencent in 4K, with excellent subtitles. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-UO8jbrIoM
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