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Things you just downlo..erm.. saw at the movies.

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    • Porters (Dave)
      By seaberry · Posted

      rjohnston58: Thanks for the Season 2 links, must have missed your post Anyone seen the subs for Season 1?
    • Ekaterina Samozvancy / Екатерина. Самозванцы
      By Gen · Posted
      I'm from Bulgaria and I watched Season 1 and 2 with bulgarian subs/audio, but season 3 isn't translated. I have S01/S02/S03 downloaded, but without any subs.  Sorry for the late response.
    • Recommend a movie
      By Vultural · Posted
      Whirlpool - 1970 - 6/10 Aspiring fashion model accepts an invitation to spend the weekend with the older model.
      Far out in the country, in a lovely home the woman shares with her “nephew,” Theo.
      The older woman, Sarah, and Theo enjoy a cozy relationship, yet they apparently relish company. On the surface, Whirlpool resembles the arthouse swinging films such as those by Radley Metzger.
      This veers into conte cruel, however, as Theo deals malicious games, and both Sarah and Theo are natural voyeurs.
      Audio is crap.  This was filmed “silent” and the dialogue looped afterward, along with a fine music score.
      Photography is first rate, well composed indoor and out.
      The director made point of contrasting firm, youthful flesh with wrinkles.  Including the adult sequences.
    • L'Effondrement / The Collapse
      By ZimiZones · Posted
      Any chance to have English subtitles for that french show called The Collapse (L'Effondrement)?
    • Bounty Hunters SKY
      By kevin · Posted
      ​You're welcome. 
    • The Young Offenders S02
      By RowanEleven · Posted
      Sorry to be a bother, as most of you seem to have found a solution. Is there anywhere or anyone, where I could get the subtitles as files? We can't watch RTN or BBC where I live. I would greatly appreciate any help! I mean Season Two..
    • Ekaterina Samozvancy / Екатерина. Самозванцы
      By BorisVictor · Posted
      So you already have season 01 and S02?
    • Ekaterina Samozvancy / Екатерина. Самозванцы
      By Gen · Posted
      Hello, Can anyone translate this TV Series from Russian to English? This is the third season.  link to imdb - >
    • Tales from the Lodge (2019)
      By kevin · Posted Does anyone have English subtitle for this movie? Sorry, I can't find it.
    • Bounty Hunters SKY
      By seaberry · Posted

      Thanks, Kevin. I used this online converter to change them from sub+idx to srt. Ka Pai!
    • Recommend a movie
      By Vultural · Posted
      Gold - 1934 - 6/10 The brilliant professor and his assistant attempt to transform iron into gold.
      Word has leaked, however, to the press, and to a rival laboratory.
      Fatal disaster strikes, yet the assistant survives.  The other group makes an offer.
      Early Reichsfilme of treachery, sabotage, revenge.
      Brigitte Helm plays the unscrupulous tycoon’s daughter, the chief draw here is Hans Albers who enjoyed a solid career before, during and after the Reich. Although the scheming industrialist is English, so too are the dependable workcrew.
      As far as propaganda goes, this is balanced.
      The laboratory effects are a highlight, equaling classic Universal stagings.
    • question about subtitles
      By BorisVictor · Posted
      Translations are done freely by users. If none have the time and/or the will, there won't be translations.