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stands up.......hi im mcghater and im an avatar convert......when this high concept film was announced i like others was very sceptical (strange planet 12 foot blue humanoid aliens) i wasnt enthralled but then i watched it....and i can proudly say james cameron made my day...week...month....it was wonderfull start to finish everything was so stylised and beutifully realised....i cant speak highly enough of this film and one of camerons finest moments as a director its his most complete and polished films, some naysayers are ripping on his cast choices namely sigourny weaver but imo she was spot on for the role slightly abrasive but ultimatly likeable, no stretch for an actress i agree but shae wasnt phoning it in at all, the only critisism i can have was....does everything in the pandora forrests have to be flouesent.......if you havnt seen it go now to your nearest theatre....................i said now dammit grrr

please forgive the odd spelling mistake
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OMFG... Avatar is pure genius.. Don't make the mistake to watch it at home.. Go to the nearest theater and enjoy this masterpiece...

have you watched in 3D ? it's amazing...
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