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Things you just downlo..erm.. saw at the movies.

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  1. cant see MY VIEWs

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  2. Prince Of Persia

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  3. Shutter Island

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  4. avatar

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  5. 2012

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    • Pindiu
      Forgetit's method using notepad++ worked brilliantly. Thank you all very much for the suggestions!  
    • Alice
      I was having only SE in mind, and failed to test notepad. Thanx for the input, @forgetit. And no, I tested both views, column and source, on SE.
    • forgetit
      My regex works in notepad++. In subtitleedit it might work in the source view.
    • VelaOmsk
      Pindiu, you can give us the subtitles if they're not secret, we'll try what we can do.
    • Alice
      These "line numbers" are part of a subtitle sequence. That is, Subtitle Edit treats them as part of the text, not an actual new line, or more accurately, sequence. I don't know if @VelaOmsk's suggestion works. @forgetit's and @TestoteronnnieFlex's approaches won't work, I'm afraid. @forgetit's suggestion to use notepad++ does remove one of the duplicates. I know nothing about regex, but, for what I gather, in order to remove these duplicates one would require some code doing something like this: "Remove all consecutive lines of text that contain only digits up to the one that has as next line an empty one. (or back-to-back line breaks)"  
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