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    • Subtitle Edit (open source subtitle editor)
      By Anglik · Posted
      Hi, Nikse, and thanks for a fantastic subtitle tool! Could you please explain what this option does? It's in Options / Settings / Waveform/spectrogram: "Border marker hit must be within [...] milliseconds" Thanks!
    • Quick Search is garbage : please integrate vue
      By anchorsound · Posted
      ​but this vue select library allows you to write any word you want, even part of the world, to get your instant result, you can click on and then it would guide you to subs.
    • Quick Search is garbage : please integrate vue
      By hardofhearing · Posted
      I think a far better way to update the search, would be to remove the word "The,"  from the front of titles, and put it at the end. ie "The X Files" would be renamed to "X Files The." Far too many shows begin with "The."  So when searching manually, you find yourself wading through loads of titles, that all start with "The." 
    • Hi, problem with Addic7ed email activation
      By scarebrtv · Posted
      My user was deleted some time ago and I can't register again, I already tried different usernames, emails and nothing works! Thank you for registering. Please visit your email and click the link provided to activate your account. Never come any confirmation. Please, can you fix it?  
    • Recommend a movie
      By Vultural · Posted
      Beast - 2017 - 6/10 While celebrating younger daughter's birthday, older sister announces she is pregnant.
      Cheers!  Break out the bubbly!  Back to the cinders goes the outshone sister.
      Later the next day, she meets a man who shows a bit of interest, and she hopes her fate has changed.
      Perhaps it has.
      Set on the isle of Jersey, this is a murder mystery of shifting suspicions.
      The new boyfriend has a spotty criminal record, though love conquers all, yes?
      Sour prospects, with mostly rotten options, make for an unpleasant journey.
    • == Annonces / Bug / Mot de passe / Activation compte ==
      By Hymeros · Posted
      Merci @chamallow Ce qui me fait penser... oui, j'pense... pourquoi ne pas mettre un bidule applet Twitter/Facebouc sur la page d'accueil Addic7ed (voir sur le forum aussi) ?
      Au moins personne ne raterait les messages importants.
      Juste une idée. Ou au moins mettre les liens (dans les bulles bleues en haut) pour rappeler qu'il y a des "extensions" où suivre l'actu du site.
    • == Annonces / Bug / Mot de passe / Activation compte ==
      By chamallow · Posted
    • == Annonces / Bug / Mot de passe / Activation compte ==
      By nicolaspatate · Posted
      Certaines pages marchent chez moi mais la plupart pareil que les autres
    • Series s7ories
      By Hymeros · Posted
      The Kominsky Method - Netflix (19 Nov)      Marvel’s Iron Fist - No S03 - Netflix
      Mais pourrait revenir l'année prochaine sur la nouvelle plateforme Disney.
      But may come back on the future new Disney platform.

    • == Annonces / Bug / Mot de passe / Activation compte ==
      By Hymeros · Posted
      Idem ici (pour les messages d'erreur et pour le "view and edit")
    • == Annonces / Bug / Mot de passe / Activation compte ==
      By eugenie62 · Posted
      Idem pour moi aussi. Et seulement en étant connectée. De plus dans "view and edit", les pseudos ne s'affichent plus sauf "all" et on ne peut plus signaler ou envoyer un message. Je n'ai pas testé la vidéo.
    • Suits
      By BorisVictor · Posted