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    • == Annonces / Bug / Mot de passe / Activation compte ==
      By FrenchMilady · Posted
      C'est bizarre. J'ignore de quoi vous parlez. Je n'ai jamais rien vu de tel.  Peut-être parce que j'ai un bloquer de publicités.
    • Dark Theme for for Stylus extension
      By sharkiller · Posted
      Hi I made a Dark theme for that fix also a few alignment of images and lines. Is made for Stylus extension on chrome or firefox: Here a few images:    
    • The War Of The Worlds
      By lemonzoo · Posted
      It would be nice if you can do this. Thanks.
    • Bad move s1 english subs
      By Vlamis · Posted
      Hello there, i am new here and i want to ask if someone has english subs for the uk tv series bad move season 1  i found season 2 on another post   thanks beforehand   
    • Vanishing subtitles?
      By gort9k · Posted
      Thank you so much, Kinglouisxx. I can't try your suggestion as it seems the shows page it isn't working at this moment. I'll keep trying and will tell when things are back to normal. Thanks again.
    • Missions s02
      By FrozenGamer · Posted
      I am looking for the same subtitles.  New to the forum.  Hopefully i can find some new sources for hard to get subs here.
    • Vanishing subtitles?
      By kinglouisxx · Posted
      Hi, @gort9k No subtitles have vanished. Results from the search engine are limited to 50 entries, but all episodes are available. You can find them by accessing the show's page on the "shows" tab at the top of the site. Just look for Criminal Minds there and you'll find them.  
    • Vanishing subtitles?
      By gort9k · Posted
      Hi: As the title says. It looks like thre has been some kind of mishap and existig subtitles have dissapeared. I'm talkin about the "Criminal minds" subs. I was watching this series and I was starting the six season, downloading the subs from this page. Suddenly, as of yesterday, when I search for this series subs I'm getting that there are only 50 subtitles... I don't know if this is happening to other subs. Anyway, is there any chance of getting them back.? Thanks Excuse m bad nglish, please.
    • The War Of The Worlds
      By chamallow · Posted
      @phantom And how does that excuse from being polite? I guess we live in very different worlds, and I certainly don't want to be a part of yours.   @bird: No guarantee since there doesn't seem to be an airdate for the USA, only for Europe and Africa so far. And if it's only on Canal+, subtitles aren't always included. We'll have to wait and see about a possible US airing. Cheers
    • The War Of The Worlds
      By bird · Posted
      Hi. Maybe I want to translate them too. Whatever I do with the subs, even if I didn't need it (so badly, in fact ) myself but wanted it only to help yet again someone else, the person providing it for me would still have some work to do, or not? For free, just coz I and maybe some others are interested... You asked first. Asking is ok but in my opinion it is you who has to be nice (basic politeness do the job usually, too) first. And then, usually, you get a nice answer too. Nice words are nice, as simple as that. They can brighten your day - even just a tiny little bit. I say I take it. So I say hi, please, and so on. And I get something back. It's only natural. Human. Thanks. You too.    
    • The War Of The Worlds
      By Phantom_sub · Posted
      I requested the sub for translation. I want to translate it... In my opinion, you did not express that politeness talking with me in that manner, atacking me... Have a nice day.
    • The War Of The Worlds
      By bird · Posted
      Aw. Okay. Thanks. Raw caption would be great - if and when anyone has them. I checked, and for the latter wiki says USA, and France, (Belgium is only a filming location, sorry) so canal+ and Fox, so there still is a chance for this one, right ?