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    • Costa Dax
      Hey, @CrazyInWeston! The Phun Phys video for that episode is a re-encode of ROVERS which is a Blu-ray rip. Of course it will not work with any of ninh's subs for that episode because ninh only did subs for the FLEET and AVS versions for that episode, both of which are HDTV rips. Take a look at which are our official versions on our site: https://www.addic7ed.com/serie/The_Magicians_(2015)/1/5/Mendings%2C_Major_and_Minor There are 2 versions by ninh (FLEET and AVS) and one by @kinglouisxx (WEB-DL), none of which will work with any Blu-ray rip like ROVERS or Phun Phys. The subs that will work with the Phun Phys video are the ones uploaded by @mstoll labeled BluRay.x264-DEMAND-ROVERS. If I understand correctly you did not visit our site to download any of our subs from there. You probably found the subs embedded in the Phun Phys video or you found them somewhere else. We are not responsible for sub files that are embedded in videos, even if they bear our credits because we did not embed them there in the first place. Nor do we encourage people to embed our subs in their videos. We are also not responsible for subs that you find on other sites such as OpenSubtitles or SubScene even if they come from our site. The only subtitles we are responsible for are the ones we make and are found on Addic7ed. Like I said from the beginning: you were using the wrong video with the wrong subs. Neither ninh nor Addic7ed is responsible for that. Now you know which subs you should use for your video. Next time please use our official subtitles from our site.
    • Costa Dax
      @Nans & @Pindiu: I merged the two topics.
    • Pindiu
      Hi, I requested these same subs a few months back, but they don't seem to exist, except for some that are computer-generated gibberish. It'd be wonderful if someone has the real thing.  
    • CrazyInWeston
      The Magicians video file: Series 1 Episode 5 23.95FPS by Phun Phys. Subtitle by NinH. If I had the 24 vs 30 wrong then the delay would be constant. Not adjustedly correct for 20 mins and then wrong to the point of 1 min behind, but then get earlier and earlier till 5 mins before the end of file. I understand in movies that there are some with extended scenes etc which could account for wrong doings but this a TV programme.
    • mielb
      Pour les fans d'Aaron Sorkin mais pas seulement, je recommande Les Sept de Chicago https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1070874/ (Netflix). Les acteurs sont excellents (sans doute le meilleur rôle de Sasha Baron Cohen et il y a le génial Mark Rylance). C'est l'histoire véridique d'un procès politique - c'est sérieux mais plein d'humour - jouissif ! 🤩
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