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      Banner added. Added Receiver too  
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      Banner for; https://www.addic7ed.com/season/9861/1
    • Vultural
      Ashes To Ashes - 2008 - UK Ashes To Ashes - 2008 - 7/10     Compelling sidespin to Life On Mars. Oddly enough, modern day DI Alex Drake had been reading reports by Sam Tyler. Then she was shot and found herself in 1981, and meeting DCI Gene Hunt and crew. In S01, Drake is poorly written as a chronic whiner, with a mommy fixation, and dressing inappropriately, By the second season, her character is harder and more professional. Just as well, as episodes grow progressively darker each outing.     S03 was always planned as the conclusion. A new character arrives, ostensibly from “Internal Affairs”, to unearth corruption. At times, the narrative borders on metaphysical.  The ghost of Sam Tyler revives as a major quest. The ending?  One of the best, and very thoughtful. If you enjoyed Life On Mars, and can tolerate a somewhat campy S01, this show holds rewards.
    • Vultural
      Life On Mars - 2006 - UK Life On Mars - 2006 - 7/10     Innovative, influential series that launched numerous imitators. DCI Sam Tyler, struck by a speeding car, reawakens not in 2003, but 1973. He is now DI Tyler, transfer from Hyde, and policing in 1973 Manchester is a different animal. Violence, graft, language riddled with swearing, pervasive sexism, racism, intolerance, a sunken dream. He is the proverbial square peg, admired and distrusted, respected and resented. Sparrings with DCI Gene Hunt range from harrowing to excruciatingly funny. The “look” is terrific:  clothes, cars, music.  Nothing elaborate, just enough to evoke the 70’s. S01 funny and poignant, S02 darker and provocative.  The conclusion, nailed it! If you decide to view, choose wisely.  Episodes run an hour.  If less, beware cuts.
    • Vultural
      Cunk On Earth - 2022 - UK Cunk On Earth - 2022 - 6/10     From cavemen to what will replace us, AI. Iron Age conflicts to nuclear annihilation. Philomena Cunk attempts to track humankind’s origins to possible extinction. Five-part series is hit or miss.  Wildly funny, to belaboring a stale joke. Technotronic?  Why, why, why? The comedy is pretty flat.  Blame bad writing (all males). For fans of Ms Cunk, who, I perceive, is being written as ever dumber.
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