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    • chile-verde
      Greek subtitles for S01 & S02 are here > http://xsubs.tv/series/179/main.xml Just as an aside, this search made me chuckle by reminding me of Blackadder's Born to Be King episode Prince Edmund : Scotsmen are barbarians! Half of them don't even speak English! Percy : Well, what do they speak? Prince Edmund : Oh, I don't know. It's all Greek to me! Percy : They speak Greek? Prince Edmund : No, I mean it SOUNDS like Greek. Percy : Well, if it sounds like Greek, it probably IS Greek. Prince Edmund : It's not Greek! Percy : But it sounds LIKE Greek..."What's not Greek, but sounds like Greek?" Hm, that's a good one, my lord! Prince Edmund : Look, it's not meant to be a BRAIN-TEASER, Percy! I'm simply trying to tell you that I cannot understand a blind word they're saying. Percy : Well, no wonder, my lord. You never learned Greek, of course.
    • RowanEleven
      HI Niro, Basically this is possible using one of the online translator sites. But you need to have the Greek subtitles. Can you find them anywhere? filakia, rowan11
    • forgetit
      I am looking for English subtitles for the movie "The war below" (2020) https://www.imdb.com/title/tt10381014/ It's out on bluray (april 16), made in the UK, but strangely enough there only seem to be french and spanish subs available (subscene).
    • guiguillou
      Hi guys. I was so sad to found no subtitles for this show that I tried to do it myself. I've already "translate" or "transcript" many episodes but not all and not in order. Are you stilll looking for subtitles? I've made them in french cause that's my language. But be kind, it's my first attempt (with help of current subtitles made by the network in France). Guillemette
    • backgam
      Hi Martco, Heb ik voor je - 2x losse FiHTV.srt NL - UK heb ik niet  Heb ook nog de 2x 720p MKV's (engels gsproken) Bye - Backgam        
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