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In the last several days, more actually, the site has been very, very slow, particularly the downloading of subtitles. I'm in the US and I've tried different times of day, thinking there might be some site maintenance going on. For the last few nights the wait between requesting a download and its fulfillment was as much as five minutes (!). This evening its one to two minutes. Is it DDOS? 

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I'm experiencing this too. When I click on a link it can take up to 30 seconds to enter the subtitle page and then another 30 seconds to start the download. After that, another 30 seconds to go back to previous page, you get the picture. With several shows, it's quite annoying. Funny thing is that it's not constant, It can suddenly work as a charm and then turn sluggish again. This has been going on for about a year but I've chosen not to say anything since it is a free service after all. I've tried both Chrome and Firefox (currently using Firefox 57) but there's no difference).. I live in Sweden.

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