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    • Brassic Sky One Subs
      By reeser · Posted
      +1 Mr too! Thanks in advance.  
    • Deep Water UK Ntb
      By pietro99 · Posted
      I see the whole series of 6 of Deep Water UK 2019 web DL Ntb has been released. Wondering if anyone might have the raw web SRTs they might be able to post.   Thank you.
    • Recommend a movie
      By Vultural · Posted
      The Flu That Killed Fifty Million - 2018 -  7/10 Excellent documentary of the influenza that killed 50-100 million in 1918-1919.
      Far, far more than died in the Great War.
      Accurately pinpoints where it began (Kansas, not Spain) and the exact individual.
      Pioneering efforts to discover and control were limited by technological shortcomings, as well as officialdom in denial.
      For the latter, think climate change deniers who hold political power.
      Modern reenactments are minimal, this relies more on vintage photos, newsreels, charts.
      Great if you are into this.  Afterthought is not if there will be another pandemic, but when.
    • Recommend a movie
      By Vultural · Posted
      The Forgotten Plague - 2015 - 6/10 Documentary on tuberculosis focuses less on the disease (possibly the most lethal, killing roughly 25% of the population for centuries), but rather on the search for the cure.
      TB was only recently been “cured” in the 1950s, so this features many survivors sharing firsthand memories of life in the wards, in the sanatoriums.
      Peppered with photos, the doc is well organized, though the tone is dry and detached.
      Well done, but surprisingly dull.
      Cured is a curious word.  As of 2017 there were 10M cases of TB on the planet.
    • The Collector (Canadian series) and Brimstone
      By Mor Tuadh · Posted
      These english subtitles are my whales as well. We have Hungarian subtitle of Brimstone S01E01 and Polish subtitle of S01E02 here. That's all we could find. https://www.feliratok.info/index.php?sid=253
    • == Annonces / Bug / Mot de passe / Activation compte ==
      By Apocalypse25 · Posted
      Bises KL et merci pour ton taf.
    • Brassic Sky One Subs
      By SherlockHu · Posted
      tt9174582 this show please. Thanks a lot!
    • joseon survival ep 11
      By kimsohyun30 · Posted
      please help me to have eng sub of this serie's joseon survival ep 11 to 16. this is my first time here so i really don't have idea if this is the right forum i can request the series i want so please help me thank you..
    • == Annonces / Bug / Mot de passe / Activation compte ==
      By anissaka · Posted
      Coucou, cher Taytoy !  Quel plaisir de revoir apparaitre ton pseudo !  Ton départ a laissé un vide immense ici...       
    • == Annonces / Bug / Mot de passe / Activation compte ==
      By taytoy · Posted
      ​Ah ben dis donc ! Merci pour tout et Godspeed , KL   ! Viens me rejoindre au club des Oldies, tiens. Me sentirai moins seul... Petit coucou à vous tous — ça me manquera toujours !...
    • Stath Lets Flats
      By popopopo · Posted
      The show came back with season 2, so can someone rip the subs as they come out or when the season ends?
    • Recommend a movie
      By Vultural · Posted
      L’Amant Double - 2017 -  6/10
      AKA -  Double Lover Ex model, now museum attendant, sees a psychiatrist for personal issues.
      Quicker than you can read the professional ethics guidelines, they have an affair, and she moves in with him.
      Then, like Pandora, she begins to wonder about this perfect partner.
      And soon discovers he has a secret twin.  Also a psychiatrist!
      Or - is this simply him, combing his hair differently?
      Or - maybe she isn’t exactly cured.  Is she imagining things? François Ozon thriller lurches between suspense and far-fetched.
      More sex and nudity than some cultures will approve of, as well as mirrors (for those of you into symbolism) in almost every scene.