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    Subtitles for series and movies. If you can't read, we're sorry. Not that you understand all these symbols anyway.

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    For subtitles that are raw and can't be uploaded on Addic7ed in their current state.

    For basic upload rules on addic7ed, check part 4D of the
    FAQ. Feel free to rework on those subtitles to make them match the requirements and upload them improved on the site.


    Requests need to be made in the Requests forum, and do a search before posting to see if your topic already exists.

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    Everything you want to know, should know and some things you didn't think they existed.

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    Stuff you need to make your own subtitles.

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    • forgetit
      My regex works in notepad++. In subtitleedit it might work in the source view.
    • VelaOmsk
      Pindiu, you can give us the subtitles if they're not secret, we'll try what we can do.
    • Alice
      These "line numbers" are part of a subtitle sequence. That is, Subtitle Edit treats them as part of the text, not an actual new line, or more accurately, sequence. I don't know if @VelaOmsk's suggestion works. @forgetit's and @TestoteronnnieFlex's approaches won't work, I'm afraid. @forgetit's suggestion to use notepad++ does remove one of the duplicates. I know nothing about regex, but, for what I gather, in order to remove these duplicates one would require some code doing something like this: "Remove all consecutive lines of text that contain only digits up to the one that has as next line an empty one. (or back-to-back line breaks)"  
    • forgetit
      That will remove all the three digit lines, while one should remain. Also does not work for the one and two digit lines at the start of the sub. This *might* work: ^\d+\r\n\d+$
    • TestosteronnieFlex
      This might remove more than what you asked for, but could also work 🤷‍♂️: in Subtitle Edit, go to Edit -> Replace, put ^\d\d\d into Find what: and leave Replace with blank. Select Regular expression (not something I'm particularly knowledgeable about) and replace all. Then a Fix common errors with Remove unneeded spaces should get rid of the left over line breaks.   EDIT: that's also a pretty bad regex, TBH, because I don't know regexes. Maybe add a \d? to the end if it misses some
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