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    • Richard68
      Thanks 🙂
    • MementMori
    • MementMori
      Hi. Here you go.   Faithless S1 Ep1 - Ep 1.srt Faithless S1 Ep2 - Ep 2.srt Faithless S1 Ep3 - Ep 3.srt Faithless S1 Ep4 - Ep 4.srt Faithless S1 Ep5 - Ep 5.srt Faithless S1 Ep6 - Ep 6.srt
    • mielb
      Dans mes souvenirs de môme, c'était assez kitch, mais j'adorais la chanson du générique 😁 (je vous ai mis la vidéo ci-dessous). Si j'en parle, c'est parce que les Italiens remettent ça : un reboot de Sandokan est en préparation près de Rome avec une distribution sympathique d'après Variety. Apparemment, ils vont tourner en Italie, mais aussi à la Réunion (l'intrigue se déroulant notamment à Bornéo). La série sera diffusée sur RAI1 en Italie et distribuée à l'international par Fremantle. https://variety.com/2024/tv/global/ed-westwick-john-hannah-alanah-bloor-sandokan-reboot-can-yaman-1235974706/  
    • chamallow
      As always, we're looking for new syncers. News shows are created every year and syncers come and go, as part of the circle of life. If we're shorthanded, we won't be able to do shows in a timely fashion.           So if you want to join our team and become a syncer for the English subtitles, read the conditions and contact us if you feel like you're a good fit.   Be available on the day GMT after the show's airing during the week especially as most shows air during the week, not during the weekends. The more popular the show, the more it has to be done early.   Be a SERIOUS, COMMITTED, RESPONSIBLE person     Have a GOOD understanding of English     Have a Facebook account (if you don't have one, create one please), that's how we communicate within the team.     Be a TEAM player. Albeit syncing is individual, you'll be part of a team, where helping each other out is important.   THIS IS NOT A ONE TIME THING. If you join us, you commit to something, and you're responsible for your own shows. So if you're not fully committed, please DON'T waste our time.   We teach and handle new syncers on our own free time. We are NOT looking for translators, and we aren't paid to do this, we all work on addic7ed FOR FREE. Every member of our team, from top to bottom is a volunteer.   FYI, translations AREN'T DONE by the Addic7ed Team but by regular users like you. We do not manage them. We "only" moderate the users and content reported by you. If you're not familiar with how Addic7ed operates, please read our FAQ first to familiarise yourself.   If you have no knowledge about subtitles, it's ok, that's why we're here for, we'll teach you. If you match the conditions and want to help us out, and become a syncer for Addic7ed, drop us a comment, send me a private message, use our contact form, reach us on Facebook, Twitter... wherever, we're around!   We hope you'll join us!      
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