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Known subtitle websites

Guest alex28

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alex, can you add alo to romanian subtitles sites also http://www.subtitrari-noi.ro
i can guarantee 'ey don't charge for subs, otherwise i don't want to be associated with them

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Added: http://www.xsubs.tv
Added: http://www.subtitrari-noi.ro

@ Route69: Don't wanna argue. Added the website.. but as i said some posts back, i know they don't do it anymore.

Remember guys, if you know other subtitle websites that are not yet here, feel free to leave a reply.

Changing the world. One subtitle at a time.

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In Spanish (we post sometimes also in English)


( The best for Spanish(spain), no kidding ;) )

My husband is a member and the Spanish subs in there are very good indeed.
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Hi. Spanish / Latinos subtitles.
http://www.subs-team.tv/ need register
http://www.argenteam.net/ need register

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Thank you.

Nice, but it does not work :(

Any idea where to find another one like that?


Hello to all addic7ets! Congratulations on this fine site, it has really helped the deaf community :)

I found a site which has not yet been listed on this thread,
You can watch all the recent tv shows and episodes online with subtitles,
there is no need to subscribe, its free and best of all it has no annoying/tacky ads!
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A couple of websites to get through the Addic7d blackout :)
http://cnc.shooter.cn/static/sub/feed.xml (Its a feed, and it's in Chinese, but I will post a short guide to downloading if someone needs it)

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All above mentioned websites based on addic7ed.com :)
You can be sure there is no competition.
Thank you a lot for your effort and help!

Polish/English subtitles:


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