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Things that ended. Canceled or not, they all go here in the end.

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    • Raw CC's: Home
      By kevin · Posted
      Thanks a lot, rjohnston58.
    • Divin Enfant (2014)
      By JANEDOE · Posted
      i need english or arabic subtitles for Divin Enfant
    • Raw CC's: Agatha Raisin
      By gort9k · Posted
      Mucha gracias rjohnston58.
    • Enable HTTPS in the forum
      By Converted007 · Posted
      Guys, can you please enable https (ssl certificate) for this forum... ???
    • Recommend a movie
      By Vultural · Posted
      Don Wilson Of The Navy - 1942 - 6/10 Twelve part serial does double duty as recruiting tool.
      Don and his sidekick Red fight a band of saboteurs, kidnappers, and all around traitors.
      Led by the ever dastardly Scorpion who seems to have acquired Emperor Ming’s video communicator.
      Underground bases, secret submarines, car chases, loads of fisticuffs.
      Don and Red wear their Navy whites throughout and those seldom stain or get dirty.
      Most of the cliffs are cheats, and, dastardly as Scorpion is, there is no reason for his activities.
    • Raw CC's: Home
      By jvo2018 · Posted

      thanks very much!
    • Home (TV Series)
      By rjohnston58 · Posted
      See < > for raw subs
    • Raw CC's: Home
      By rjohnston58 · Posted
    • == Annonces / Bug / Mot de passe / Activation compte ==
      By neketnestor · Posted
      ​@ emeline-whovian Bonjour depuis 2 ou 3 ans, j'en reçu quelques uns, ils sont partis à la corbeille directement, je n'ai jamais répondu. Merci de nous prévenir et bonne journée.  
    • Recommend a movie
      By Vultural · Posted
      The Little American - 1917 - 6/10 Stateside, circa 1913, Abigail toys with two suitors.  A dashing Frenchman and a handsome German.
      Before she has to choose, both return to their native lands as the Great War begins.
      No sooner is the Von Schlieffen Plan implemented, than Abigail inherits a chateau in rural France!
      She sets sail on the Lusitania - oops! - yet miraculously survives and reaches her chateau …
      Just as a German division seizes it for a command headquarters.
      Women are raped, villagers shot, looting is widespread.
      Propaganda film, well directed by Cecil B DeMille, moves briskly and piles on the excesses.
      I don’t know whether intentional or not, but the Germans officers reminded me of Von Hindenburg and Ludendorff.
      For folks who think Mary Pickford only played little girls, check this.
      (Every copy I have ever watched suffers poor video resolution.)
    • Raw CC's: Agatha Raisin
      By DavidP · Posted
      Thanks so much, rjohnson58.  
    • == Café Addic7ed ==
      By emeline-whovian · Posted
      ​Demain !! Je suis passée à travers les bandes annonces pour garder un peu la surprise, j'espère ne pas être déçue ! J'ai seulement vu ce poster...